Food and beverage orders are due at least two weeks (10 business days) in advance of your event. If you submit your catering order exactly 10 business days before your event, the order is due no later than 12:00PM CST on that day otherwise a late fee will be assigned. Any orders placed under the two-week deadline will be subject to acceptance by Wisconsin Union Catering and will incur a $25 late fee. A limited pick-up menu is available for these last-minute orders. After the initial order is placed, customers have until one week in advance of their event to finalize quantities. Changes may not be possible after this point.

Service Times

Please note that for health and presentation concerns, Wisconsin Union Catering allows two and a half continuous hours of food service, from the agreed-upon food service start time. On occasion, extended service time may be available for purchase at the rate of $15 per half hour for up to three total hours of service. Extended service times must be arranged and approved in advance of your event.

As a standard, your food and beverage items will be set out and ready for your guests 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled food start time. This is to allow for any early guests or adjustments in timing. These 15 minutes do not subtract from your two and a half hour food service maximum.

Guest Minimums

Dinner buffets are intended for a minimum of 20 guests. Orders for less than 20 guests incur a flat fee of $100.
Plated meals are intended for a minimum of 20 guests. Orders for less than 20 guests incur a flat fee of $50.
Lunch buffets are intended for a minimum of 10 guests. Orders for less than 10 guests incur a flat fee of $50.

Late-Start Fees

Catered meals beginning later than one-half hour past the scheduled time, at no fault of Wisconsin School of Business Event Services or Wisconsin Union Catering, may result in a surcharge of 5% of the final bill. One hour past the scheduled time may result in a surcharge of 10% of the final bill. Additional delays will result in additional 5% charges per half hour. A catering manager will contact your designated group coordinator if your event is nearing the occurrence of this fee. You will be contacted prior to the fee being incurred and given the opportunity to start the event within the appropriate timeframe. **Please note: Starting the event significantly later may not always be possible, depending on room bookings.

Menu Pricing Time Frames

The luncheon menu prices and quantities are valid from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. If you would like to have a luncheon menu before 11:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m., a $2 per person fee will be added to the price of the menu.

Moved Service/Service in More Than One Location

Having your catering order moved during your service time frame or having service for the same event in more than one location (this includes breaking out a portion of your event to another room or several rooms) may merit extra fees. You will be informed of these fees before your move is completed. **Please note: You will not be charged a late change fee in addition to this fee should the move be approved.

Split Pricing

If you would like to order two different buffets for your event, there will be an additional flat fee of $100. If you would like to have two different break packages for your event, we will be happy to provide that for you for an additional $25. Additionally, splitting trays or other items below their set structure (for instance, breaking a tray of 25 into 10 and 15) will result in a $10 fee per split.

Cake Cutting

If you order your cake through our in-house catering department, our staff will cut and serve the cake for no additional charge at the time of your choice. In addition to your catering order, upon approval you may bring in a cake from an outside vendor. A fee of 50 cents per person applies, and includes paper supplies, cake cutting, and service.

Guarantee Numbers

The final guarantee number is due by 4:00 p.m. one full week prior to your event. Changes after this time may be charged late change fees. Events held on a Saturday or Sunday require a final attendance guarantee on the Monday prior to the event. If no guaranteed guest count is received by this deadline, the estimated attendance will be ordered and charged to the event.

Additional Entrée Fee

All plated dinners include one entrée selection. A vegetarian entrée option may also be ordered in advance. Additional entrée selections will be charged $1 per person, multiplied by the entire guest count. Please note that extra entrees that are needed due to dietary requirements or food allergies will not incur the $1 per person fee.

Specialty Menus

Our catering department would be pleased to work with you to create a special menu if you cannot find something on our regular menu that suits your needs. Please contact Event Services to arrange for a special menu at least three weeks prior to your event.

Additionally, we have resources available if you would like to customize a menu with sustainable growth, local or organic ingredients. Prices will adjust with market price and availability of items.

Please inform Wisconsin School of Business Event Services if your event guests have dietary requirements or food allergies. Event Services will work with you and Wisconsin Union Catering to develop a system by which our servers can identify your guest(s).

Special Dietary Requirements and Food Allergies

We strive to take care of your guests who have special needs, and our catering staff will gladly work with you to ensure their safety and comfort. Although we are not an allergen-free facility, we are happy to work with our vendors to ensure a safe meal for your attendees. The most important aspect of this is working with Wisconsin School of Business Event Services to determine a system by which our servers can identify your guest.

Alcohol Service

We strictly adhere to the University of Wisconsin-Madison policies concerning alcohol service. All alcohol will be served by our bartending staff, who each carry a sales guarantee per hour. At the end of your event, the difference in the sales guarantee and sales will be added to your invoice.

Bars may be closed early at the discretion of Wisconsin School of Business Event Services due to unbecoming behavior. Additionally, the University of Wisconsin Madison requires that non-alcoholic beverages be served whenever alcoholic beverages are present.

Surplus Bar Guarantees

Excess or surplus bar guarantees created by purchase of alcohol do not constitute currency and may not be applied as payment to the event charges.

Registered Student Organization Discount

University of Wisconsin registered student organizations are eligible to receive 10% full-service catering orders and 20% of pickup catering orders. Must pay with student organization’s funds to receive discount.

Linen and China Service

If the total amount of catering is greater or equal to $500 in food sales (excluding bar sales), linen for dining cocktails will be waived. If the total amount of catering for meal is greater or equal to $1,000 in food sales (excluding bar sales), china service for evening or hors d’oeuvres receptions will be waived. Please reach out to your event coordinator if you would like either service added to your event. If you do not meet the minimums you can purchase either item for an additional cost.

Monitoring Buffets

A catering member will be stationed at your buffet lines for an additional fee of $50 per hour (one hour minimum).