Grainger Hall Space Use Policy

Grainger Hall is the primary instructional space for the Wisconsin School of Business undergraduate, masters, MBA, Enterprise MBA, and Ph.D. courses. In addition, the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus relies on Grainger Hall for instructional space. Instructional courses and related activities are given first priority over space in Grainger Hall.

Space assignments will be assigned using the following criteria:

First priority – Undergraduate Business and Ph.D. Courses and Course-Related Activities
Second priority – Undergraduate Business and Ph.D. Events
Third priority – Wisconsin School of Business Department/Center and Student Organization Events
Fourth priority – University of Wisconsin-Madison Department and Student Organization Events
Fifth priority – Non-University Events with Sponsorship by a Campus Department

The east wing of Grainger Hall was made possible by the generous contributions from the Grainger Foundation, Jeffrey and Julie Diermeier, and additional gift funds. This space is designated for MBA programs and related activities. Space in Grainger Hall’s east wing will be granted based on the following criteria:

First Priority – MBA Courses and Course-Related Activities
Second Priority – MBA Events – MBA Program/Centers/Specializations
Third Priority – Outreach – Wisconsin School of Business Non-MBA Departmental Board Meetings and Outreach Activities involving Alumni and Corporate Partners
Fourth Priority – University of Wisconsin-Madison Department Events with Special Approval
Fifth Priority – Non-University Events with Sponsorship by a Campus Department and Special Approval

University of Wisconsin-Madison Policies and Guidelines

These policies are issued by the UW Board of Regents and UW-Madison Chancellor.

Eligibility and Sponsorship

University departments, registered student organizations, and governmental agencies are eligible to reserve space in Grainger Hall. Non-campus groups may become eligible with the sponsorship of a campus department. Campus policy requires that non-campus groups wishing to meet within campus buildings obtain departmental sponsorship from either a campus department or governmental agency. We have provided two sponsorship letters from which you can choose: the campus financial sponsorship template and the at-the-invitation sponsorship template. Each letter requires different sponsorship levels and acceptable signatures. Please print the completed letter on department letterhead and submit to our office prior to your event. If you have questions, please contact us.

Room Reservations

Please visit our online reservation page to request meeting space. If it is your first time making a reservation with our online system, please register for a user account via that website. We ask that you submit your requests for space by 12:00 noon the business day prior to your event to allow us time to process your request and prepare for your event.

Meeting Spaces

Event Services coordinates the reservations of Grainger Hall meeting spaces. Details on space types are listed below. Please review these details concerning photos and additional information.

Classroom Spaces

(First and second floor of west/central Grainger) are ultimately controlled by Curricular Services. Event Services acts as a liaison for these requests, but cannot approve rooms without consent of Curricular Services. Rooms are typically confirmed within 48 hours of the request. However, at the start of each school year, Curricular Services is not able to confirm meeting requests for classrooms up until one day prior to your event.

Conference Rooms

(Third, fourth, fifth floor of west/central Grainger) can be confirmed immediately with Event Services. We reserve the right to move groups within conference rooms to maximize the needs of Grainger Hall, but will contact you prior to making these changes.

East Wing Spaces

(Floors 1-4 of the new addition to Grainger Hall) These spaces are currently available for MBA-related programs. Special approval is required for non-MBA related activities, and MBA events take priority over non-MBA events. 

Special Use Facilities

(Atriums, dining spaces)

Room Access

Meeting rooms are available 15 minutes prior to your event start time. If you need early access to your meeting room, please include this request in your web reservation or contact us. For assistance during your event, please call the Wisconsin School of Business Information Desk at 608-263-9762.

Audio/Visual Equipment

To ensure that AV equipment and staff support are available for your event, audio/visual equipment should be requested one week (five business days) prior to your event. The following basic audio/visual equipment is included in most rooms: projector, computer, CD/DVD player, internet connection, and one podium microphone/sound if available. You will be responsible for payment of any special AV equipment ordered. For questions or AV and special items pricing, please contact Event Services at 608-262-8679 or

Should you need to cancel equipment, please notify us in writing ( no less than five (5) business days in advance of your event. All requests received the day of your event will incur a $25 late request fee, if we are able to accommodate your request.

Food and Beverage Service

All food and beverages served in Grainger Hall must be arranged through Union Catering and planned through Event Services. Guests may also place orders through the Capital Café. No outside food or beverage is allowed in Grainger Hall meeting spaces and classrooms. The carrying in of outside food will result in a minimum $50 charge and a potential suspension of reservation privileges.

All alcohol in Grainger Hall must be served by Union Catering and arranged through Event Services.


The cancellation deadline for any event is five (5) business days prior to the scheduled event date. We ask that you submit your cancellation via email ( Please include your booking number and event date. We will confirm your cancellation via email; please note that your event is not considered cancelled until you receive an email confirmation of your cancellation from Event Services.

Cancellations received less than five (5) business days prior to the event date will incur a late cancellation fee of $25 per booking; additionally, you may be required to pay up to 100% of the event charges.


Invoices will be sent within 14 days of your event; payment is due within four weeks of the invoice date. Late payments may be subject to additional fees.


Event Services reserves the right to change pricing at any time, but will honor your pricing for 60 days prior to your event.

Posting Guidelines

Unauthorized taping or posting is not allowed in Grainger Hall. If you have signs or flyers you would like posted to advertise for your event, please contact WSB Facilities Services. If you have signs or flyers you would like posted throughout the building the day of your event, please contact Event Services to arrange for sign stands. Fees may be assessed to those who violate these policies, including paying for the cost of damage done to walls or surfaces as a result of unauthorized posting.

Facility Use Expectations

By reserving space in Grainger Hall, you are agreeing to leave the room in a reasonably clean state after your event. This includes disposing of any trash, including catering you have ordered (full-service or pick-up orders). All rooms that are reserved for events are checked for cleanliness before and after the event by WSB Event and Facilities Staff. If the rooms are deemed to be in an unsatisfactory condition post-event, a cleaning fee will be added to your invoice.