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Document 102,
Subcommittee of the Executive Committee
May 11, 2015

  1. Meetings:The Subcommittee shall meet upon call by its Chair, the Dean of the School of Business, a majority of its members, or a majority of the Executive Committee of the School of Business.
  2. Reports:As set out in Document 101, the Subcommittee shall submit an annual report of its activities to the Executive Committee.
  3. Responsibilities
    1. Tenure Appointments:Whenever a prospective staff member is being considered for a tenured position in the School of Business, members of the Subcommittee, individually or as a group, may be consulted about the prospect. If the department recommends that an offer be extended, the Subcommittee will vote on the recommendations. The action of the Subcommittee shall be reported to the Executive Committee and voted upon by them in the manner stated in Section 5(b) of School of Business Document 101.

      The starting salary for a tenured person is primarily a matter of negotiation, but the Subcommittee shall review proposed salary offers in terms of equity and standards.
    2. Non-tenure Appointments:The Subcommittee shall have no direct responsibility in connection with the selection and hiring of assistant professors and instructors, except as provided in Paragraph g, below, unless a department requests the advice of the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee shall, however, be informed in connection with all offers made at the assistant professor level so that school-wide priorities at both tenured and probationary levels shall be established, followed, and coordinated. The Subcommittee shall have responsibility for the approval of visiting appointments only in those cases in which the individual’s assignment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is temporary, but there is no “home institution” involved, in accord with university policy. In such a case the Subcommittee reviews the individual’s credentials in comparison with similarly qualified members of the University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty after the receipt of a recommendation from the Chair. The Subcommittee will base its recommendation upon the fact that the individual has a terminal degree and its judgment that the individual would be qualified to be considered for appointment as a tenure track faculty member and, except in extraordinary circumstances, would have a full-time appointment, customarily for one year but for a maximum of two years. Recommendation of the level for such visiting appointment will be based upon the credentials of the individual.
    3. Salaries:For purposes of annual salary reviews, each department chair shall forward departmental recommendations to the Subcommittee and the Dean. Presentations by the department chair may be made in person to the Subcommittee if desired. The format of the recommendations shall be established by the Subcommittee. The process for determining the departmental recommendations is the responsibility of the departmental executive committee. The Subcommittee shall give due heed to the unique performance criteria for those faculty having primarily outreach responsibilities.

      In addition, it shall be the responsibility of the Subcommittee to consult with the Dean of the School prior to and during the process of budget preparation and at other appropriate times to consider matters related to individual salaries, and the relationship of salaries among departments. As one of its functions, the Subcommittee shall communicate general criteria for salary increases to all faculty members.
    4. Promotions: Recommendations for promotion shall originate in the departments. Supporting data shall be provided to the Subcommittee in written form no less than 18 calendar days prior to the deadline for submission to the Dean’s office for review by the executive committee, and, if desired, through a personal presentation of the department chair. Under exceptional circumstances, a shorter time period may be approved by the Subcommittee Chair. The Subcommittee may discuss with the Dean all candidates recommended for promotion and shall make its recommendation a minimum of five working days prior to the meeting of the Executive Committee. The vote of the Executive Committee shall be prior to the submission of a recommendation to the Social Studies Divisional Executive Committee.

      When candidates for promotion are to be discussed at an Executive Committee meeting, each member of the Executive Committee (where pertinent by rank) shall be notified of the names of said candidates at least five working days prior to the meeting. It shall be the responsibility of the candidate’s departmental chair to provide the documentation relevant to the promotion. This information shall be available in the Dean’s Office, or distributed to the appropriate Executive Committee members, five working days prior to the Executive Committee meeting.

      As initial guidelines for promotions, the Subcommittee shall be familiar with the criteria being followed by the Social Studies Divisional Executive Committee. The Subcommittee shall give attention to teaching, research and publication, administrative assignments, and professional service. It is expected that such activities will be documented according to the guidelines set forth by the Divisional Executive Committee. The Subcommittee shall give due heed to the unique performance criteria for those faculty having primarily outreach responsibilities. The Subcommittee shall have authority to appoint a special committee to assist in its deliberations.

      As one of its functions, the Subcommittee shall communicate general criteria for promotion to all faculty members.
    5. Grievances: The Subcommittee shall be available to all faculty members in the event of grievances.
    6. Dismissals: The Subcommittee shall receive appeals of dismissals at the request of the appellant. The Subcommittee’s primary function shall be to serve as an objective body to consider different points of view involved in such cases in terms of standards and criteria. At the request of the appellant, the recommendations of the Subcommittee shall be reported to the Executive Committee.
    7. Leaves of Absence:The Subcommittee shall review all requests for leave of absence, temporary assignment, or extension of the tenure clock. When there is sufficient need for confidentiality of information that would otherwise lead the Subcommittee to materially limit open discussion of rationale, the Subcommittee shall inform the Executive Committee of its decision in granting the request on behalf of the Executive Committee. In other cases the Subcommittee will make a recommendation to the Executive Committee and will present the rationale for the request.
    8. Other:The Subcommittee may, on its own initiative, originate recommendations to the Chairs Committee, the School Executive Committee, or the Dean with respect to School of Business affairs