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Document 104,
Probationary Appointments
October 20, 1994

Each faculty member of the School of Business, with a few specific exceptions, is assigned to a departmental area in accordance with his/her teaching and research interests. The associate and full professors in that department form the departmental executive committee for that area. It is the responsibility of the members of each such committee to become fully acquainted with the work of the probationary faculty members, and at the appropriate time to make recommendations to the School Executive Committee about the promotion or nonrenewal of probationary faculty in its area.

Each probationary faculty member has the responsibility of maintaining, with the Dean of the School, a file of his/her publications, course assignments, and other relevant materials.

An assistant professor is usually appointed for an initial three-year term. Exceptions to this practice will be specifically set out in an appointment letter. Contract arrangements beyond that point will vary, but in each case will be specified to the probationary faculty member. One pattern follows: in the second year of a probationary appointment the faculty member will be recommended for a one-year extension to the original three-year appointment if his/her performance has been generally satisfactory, but an extensive publication record will not be essential for this extension; in the third probationary year, he/she may be recommended for another extension of one year provided that there are substantial positive reasons (including but not limited to research potential) for such an extension and that the number of prior years of teaching experience makes such an extension possible; in his/her fourth year, the faculty member may be recommended for a third one-year extension, if, in addition to continued satisfactory performance, the appropriate departmental executive committee recommends that special circumstances justify such an extension. A final decision to recommend promotion or nonrenewal will be rendered no later than the sixth year of probationary appointment. The appropriate departmental executive committee may, however, recommend the promotion of an assistant professor at an earlier time, or may recommend nonrenewal even before the end of the first three-year appointment as long as the required advance notice has been provided.