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Adjunct Appointments
January 17, 2012

According to FPP (Chapter 7, section 7.01), full-time faculty appointments carry the titles of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and instructor. Adding the prefix adjunct to these titles – adjunct professor, adjunct associate professor, adjunct assistant professor, and adjunct instructor – results in allowable titles under Office of Human Resources (OHR) guidelines (note that the title of adjunct lecturer does not exist;

An individual may be appointed with the title of Adjunct Professor, subject to approval by the School’s Executive Committee and OHR. Such appointments are granted for positions with duties that are primarily instructional, part-time, and for individuals who come from non-instructional institutions and whose professional career is or has been primarily outside of university instruction. Only the title of Adjunct Professor may be used in the School (i.e., not Adjunct Associate Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, or Adjunct Instructor).

Granting of the Adjunct Professor title should be reserved for candidates with distinguished backgrounds and significant non-university career accomplishments that can benefit the School. The significance of a candidate’s background and accomplishments vis-a-vis the position to be held in the School should be considered in determining whether the candidate should be appointed as an Adjunct Professor. The appointment should be granted on an annual basis to allow review of the Adjunct Professor’s duties and contributions. If the nature of the appointment increases to a full-time basis, the title of Lecturer is more appropriate.

Adjunct appointments have a limit of 3 years but are eligible for renewal with special approval from OHR. If the adjunct appointment is above 50%, additional approval is required by the Academic Personnel Office (APO).


Departments should vote on and submit requests for Adjunct Professor appointments to the Subcommittee for evaluation. The departmental request shall be accompanied by the curriculum vita for the candidate, with a cover letter explaining the duties to be performed and why the Adjunct Professor title (vs. the Lecturer title) is appropriate. Factors such as the candidate’s education, professional accomplishments and visibility, experience with adult instruction, nature and length of past association with the School, and future benefits to the School, etc., are relevant in this regard. Following a positive evaluation of the Subcommittee, a recommendation will be advanced to the School’s Executive Committee for a vote. If approved, the request will be forwarded, together with a supporting Dean’s letter, to the Academic Personnel Office (APO) within OHR for final approval.

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