Human Resources Team

Chelsea Daley
Chelsea Daley
Assistant Dean of Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

Amber Reierson
Amber Reierson
Human Resources Manager – Instructional, Graduate, and Student Employment

Payroll & Benefits Specialists

Edna Crary
Edna Crary
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Advanced
Marita Kelly
Payroll & Benefits Specialist Advanced

Human Resources Generalists

Lelah Frey
Human Resources Coordinator
Azza Keuntjes
Human Resources Generalist
Tianwei Miller
Human Resources Generalist

Human Resources Contacts by Department

UDDS Department HR Contact Phone Email
A126700 A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Analytics and Insights Azza 608-262-1554
A123100 Accounting and Information Systems Azza 608-262-1554
A121300 Alumni Relations Tianwei 608-263-2259
A126000 Bolz Center for Arts Administration Tianwei 608-263-2259
A126400 Center for Brand and Product Management Azza 608-262-1554
A121000 Dean's Office Azza 608-262-1554
A126100 Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Lelah 608-265-1424
A128300 A128400 Evening and Executive MBA Programs Lelah 608-265-1424
A122200 Event Services Lelah 608-265-1424
A121600 Facilities Services Lelah 608-265-1424
A123600 Finance Azza 608-262-1554
A121100 Financial Management Office Lelah 608-265-1424
A128200 Full time MBA and Masters Programs Tianwei 608-263-2259
A120010 General Business Azza 608-262-1554
A128800 Global Programs Tianwei 608-263-2259
A126500 Graaskamp Center for Real Estate Lelah 608-265-1424
A126600 Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management Lelah 608-265-1424
A126200 Hawk Center for Investment Analysis Azza 608-262-1554
A121200 Human Resources and Payroll Lelah 608-265-1424
A121400 Information Technology Solutions Lelah 608-265-1424
A122300 Innovation Azza 608-262-1554
A126800 Insite Tianwei 608-263-2259
A124200 International Business Azza 608-262-1554
A123800 Management and Human Resources Tianwei 608-263-2259
A123900 Marketing Azza 608-262-1554
A121900 Marketing and Strategic Communication Tianwei 608-263-2259
A128900 MBA and Masters Admissions Tianwei 608-263-2259
A126300 Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Azza 608-262-1554
A124000 Operations and Information Management Lelah 608-265-1424
A128600 PhD/MS Programs and Research Administration Azza 608-262-1554
A124100 Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Lelah 608-265-1424
A123200 Risk and Insurance Lelah 608-265-1424
A125100 Small Business Development Center Tianwei 608-263-2259
A126900 Strategic Human Resource Management Tianwei 608-263-2259
A121800 Teaching and Learning Support Tianwei 608-263-2259
A128100 Undergraduate Program Office Azza 608-262-1554
A127100 Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship Tianwei 608-263-2259
A120000 Wisconsin School of Business Azza 608-262-1554


Human Resources and Employment Relations
4250 Grainger Hall
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706
Fax: +1 608-890-0663