The Wisconsin School of Business has set a foundation for the future with a reframed mission, vision, and set of values. These core principles will guide our approach as we pursue the key priorities identified in our strategic plan, Roadmap 2025.


We imagine, create, and lead the future of business by connecting and empowering a dynamic community of lifelong learners, scholars, and organizations.


We will be a premier global business school, shaping transformational leaders and resilient achievers.


Relentless innovation
We embrace the creative process of generating new ideas. We are optimists who inspire others with our commitment and expertise.

Purposeful action
We are doers. We actively seek opportunities to transform good ideas into a meaningful action in ways that yield positive dividends for society.
Empathetic inclusivity
By respecting differences, we become a stronger, more effective organization. We seek out and welcome voices from all walks of life.
Impactful scholarship
We reward and support rigorous research, pedagogical excellence, and meaningful engagement with business and society.
Synergistic collaboration
As expressed in our “Together Forward” motto, we are smarter, more efficient, and more capable together than we are as individuals. We believe in the power of mutually beneficial partnerships.
Unwavering integrity
We are transparent in our management practices, always accountable to our stakeholders. Our graduates know the importance of ethics—driven by the best interests of their organizations and clients.