Generous donors like you come together to make an impact, helping us build more opportunities to challenge, support, and inspire students to reach their greatest potential. The generosity of our dedicated donor community makes a difference in everything we do, from supporting faculty, staff, and students to informing and delivering inspiring learning experiences. Philanthropy helps protect the quality of students’ education, which strengthens our brand and continues to enhance the value of our degrees.

Every Donor Has a Story

For John (BBA ’71) and Anne Oros, philanthropy is a way of life. They have deep ties throughout the UW-Madison campus, and are actively involved at the Wisconsin School of Business. John, a Wisconsin Naming Partner and Co-Chair of the WSB's Campaign Steering Committee, says of the UW, "The associations and friendships you'll make staying involved are a joy – really a gift from the University to you, not the other way around."

Read about John and Anne, deeply engaged volunteers and philanthropists

American Family Insurance and CFO Dan Kelly (BBA ’84,MBA ’85) have a strong relationship with the University of Wisconsin–Madison—a relationship that spans more than 30 years and has led to more than $20 million in financial support for the university, including the $10 million gift that created the UW Health American Family Children's Hospital. Recently, the company increased its support to the School, elevating the American Family Insurance Chair of Risk Management and Insurance to a Distinguished Chair.

Read more about the WSB's impactful partnership with American Family Insurance

Tom Falk (BBA '80) caddied his way into higher education. His wife, Karen Falk (BSE '80) donned a white coat and worked behind the counter at Rennebohm's to help her pursue her degree. In the 1970s, when they attended UW-Madison, that was enough.

Today, financing a UW education is harder, and the couple is donating $10 million to ensure that future generations of students can get a UW-Madison education — and that the UW will have the faculty who make that education one of the best in the world.

Read about the Falks and their long-standing commitment to UW–Madison

A former Badger cheerleader and current director of sales for American Family Insurance in Minnesota, Kelley Burnett (BBA '03) is passionate about the UW and the Wisconsin School of Business. Kelley is an active board member, mentor and donor to the WSB and encourages others to join her. "No dollar amount is too small. It all matters. When the School has a strong brand and high ranking, we all win from the value of that education. That's why I continue to give."

Read more about Kelley's enthusiastic involvement with the WSB

The Wisconsin School Of Business Dean’s Circle

The Dean’s Circle consists of WSB’s most generous supporters who are united by commitment to ensuring the dynamic future of the Wisconsin School of Business. Membership in this special group is based on lifetime giving at or above $100,000.

$1,000,000 and Above

  • Willard G. Aschenbrener
  • James J. and Susan Bakke
  • Don R. Beffa
  • Joseph P. Bennett
  • Jeffrey A. Blakely and Brauna J. Hartzell
  • Andrew K. Boszhardt
  • Lindsay R. and Evelyn H. Boyle
  • Nathan S. and Ana Brand
  • Robert B. and Nancy M. Bruce
  • Howard L. and Sue E. Carver
  • Paul J. Collins
  • Curt S. and Sue Culver
  • Jeffrey J. and Julia M. Diermeier
  • Richard G. and Julie J. Diermeier
  • Bruce R. and Janice R. Ellig
  • Marshall Erdman and Dorothy L. Ballantyne
  • Thomas J. and Karen A. Falk
  • Wade and Beverly B. Fetzer
  • Jere D. and Anne Fluno
  • Peter L. and Patricia O. Frechette
  • David W. Grainger
  • Phillip T. and Elizabeth C. Gross
  • Jon D. and Ann Hammes
  • Alfred T. Hansen
  • Charles V. Heath
  • James L. and Kathleen K. Henderson
  • Ronald K. and Grace M. Hoya
  • Mark F. and Susan B. Irgens
  • Richard J. and Angela A. Johnson
  • William R. and Charlotte S. Johnson
  • Ted D. and Mary T. Kellner
  • Paul A. and Julie Leff
  • Michael E. Lehman and Jean Chan
  • Peter A. Leidel
  • David J. and Sheryl L. Lesar
  • Sheldon B. and Marianne S. Lubar
  • Daniel R. and DeAnn Maurer
  • John P. and Tashia F. Morgridge
  • John P. Neis and Michele L. Isaac
  • Ruth L. Nelson
  • Bruce D. Neviaser
  • Albert O. and Nancy J. Nicholas
  • Arthur C. and Gertrude S. Nielsen
  • Arthur C. and Patricia M. Nielsen
  • John J. and Anne W. Oros
  • Signe Ostby and Scott D. Cook
  • Stephen R. Petersen and Gillian Lieberman
  • Fredrick W. Petri and Linda F. Morasch
  • Jay H. Price
  • John A. Puelicher
  • Floyd W. and Ruth B. Radel
  • Thomas G. and Karen C. Ragatz
  • Rodney R. and Laurel A. Rohda
  • Ricky C. Sandler
  • George F. and Liane H. Seyk
  • Michael S. and Mary Sue Shannon
  • Glen A. Skillrud
  • Irwin F. and Linda S. Smith
  • Gerald D. and Helen M. Stephens
  • Thomas D. and Barbara C. Stevens
  • Patrick A. and Jane R. Thiele
  • Marjorie A. Tiefenthaler
  • William S. and Joan W. Trukenbrod
  • Bryant J. Wangard
  • Barbara D. and M. Keith Weikel
  • James J. and Kate Weinert
  • Gary C. Wendt
  • Jon W. and Sandra C. Winder
  • Ray B. Zemon
  • Anonymous


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  • See the complete list of our $100,000–$999,999 Dean’s Circle members
    • Grant D. Abert
    • Andrew B. and Mona Albert
    • Steven J. and Joan J. Alley
    • Raymond L. Anilionis
    • Michael D. and Susan H. Arneson
    • Thomas E. Aschenbrener
    • Michael A. and Carla R. Austin
    • Richard A. Bachmann
    • Karl E. Bandtel
    • David D. and Elnora Baptie
    • Thomas G. and Maryann E. Bast
    • Chris M. Bauer and Diane F. Pellegrin
    • Stephen M. Bennett and Marsha C. Jordan
    • Paul M. and Mary K. Berge
    • Steven R. Berlin and Debbie Smith-Berlin
    • Lillian B. Bethke
    • Monica C. Beyer
    • John P. and Lauralyn Bly
    • Steven and Michele O. Boal
    • Eugenie M. Bolz
    • David A. and Nancy T. Borghesi
    • Nathan F. Brand
    • George M. Brinton
    • Steve J. and Valerie Buller
    • Thomas M. Burke
    • G Steven and Kelli Burrill
    • David R. Chamberlin
    • John T. and Constance E. Chambers
    • Michael J. Chapman
    • Robert L. and Mary L. Christianson
    • Gail Cleary
    • Donald M. and Linda M. Condon
    • Jeffrey P. and Marilyn B. Connor
    • Robert J. Cook
    • James M. Cope and Cheri L. Halberg-Cope
    • Vera F. Croner
    • Michael G. and Sally A. Culhane
    • James J. Curtis
    • Blake E. Devitt
    • Stephen P. Dexter
    • John F. Dippel
    • Steven C. Disse
    • Mark R. Dodson
    • Walter H. and Gracia M. Drew
    • Roger N. Duhl
    • Ralph D. and Elizabeth M. Ebbott
    • Daniel W. and Natalie L. Erdman
    • Deborah L. Erdman
    • M. Rustin Erdman
    • Timothy B. Erdman
    • Glenn H. and Ruth E. Evans
    • Donald L. Evans
    • George A. Fait
    • Robert and Susan J. Feitler
    • James E. Fenger
    • Daniel J. and Catherine J. Finneran
    • John M. and Jeanne C. Flesch
    • Rockne G. and Joanne R. Flowers
    • James L. Forbes
    • Thomas J. and Stephanie Formolo
    • William J. and Barbara J. Foy
    • Clive A. Frazier
    • Peter E. and Sue E. Freytag
    • Jack E. and Janice A. Gaumnitz
    • Evelyn Gaumnitz
    • Dale L. and Becky Gifford
    • Paul B. and Patricia R. Gilbert
    • Mildred K. Gill
    • Raymond A. Goldbach
    • Steven L. and Leslie M. Goldberg
    • James A. Graaskamp and Jean B. Davis
    • William T. Graham
    • John W. Gribble
    • Neil J. Guenther
    • James G. and Kathleen G. Haft
    • William A. and Patricia J. Halvorson
    • Jeffrey C. and Linda H. Hammes
    • R Stephen and Carla Hannahs
    • Irwin R. Hansen
    • John A. Hatherly
    • Gary C. and Jill S. Hatton
    • Kathleen M. Heath
    • Frank H. and Florence Heckrodt
    • Richard M. and Ruth E. Heins
    • John A. and Nancy Hevey
    • James C. and Margaret W. Hickman
    • Peter and Susan Hitch
    • John P. Hobbins and Ophelia Lowe-Hobbins
    • Richard A. and Barbara J. Hoefs
    • James E. and Virginia S. Hoelter
    • Walter V. and Elizabeth Holt
    • David N. and Mary K. Holtze
    • Roy W. and Joanne L. Howard
    • Daniel R. and Patricia A. Huber
    • Cynthia A. and Jay V. Ihlenfeld
    • Jay R. Jacobs
    • Richard G. Jacobus and Carolyn Royer Jacobus
    • James C. and Christine A. Janikowski
    • Stephen P. Jarchow
    • David L. and Mary L. Johnson
    • Bruce M. and Kathryn K. Johnson
    • Carl F. and Marybeth E. Kantner
    • Robert M. Karner
    • Daniel G. and Nancy Kaye
    • William E. Keitel and Jill J. McSweeney
    • David J. and Anita K. Keller
    • John R. and Amy J. Kellerman
    • Jack F. Kellner
    • Daniel J. and Lena M. Kelly
    • David S. Kim
    • Archie W. Kimball
    • Margaret L. Knauf
    • V. Michael and Gloria H. Komppa
    • Gerald K. Konz
    • Martin J. and Alice M. Krebs
    • George F. Kress
    • Pat and Shirley A. Kubly
    • Joyce M. Kuehl
    • Robert E. and Cathy J. Lane
    • Richard E. and Christine Lane
    • Eric J. Larson
    • Nixon E. Lauridsen
    • David A. and Kris Lenz
    • Richard T. and Wendy K. Lommen
    • Duane H. Lund
    • Thomas P. and Nikki M. Madsen
    • Walter E. Malzahn
    • Craig S. and Susan E. Manske
    • John W. March
    • Stephen H. Marcus
    • Gregory A. Margolis
    • James G. and Rebecca S. Martell
    • Treagh R. and Elizabeth R. Martin
    • Philip Matthews
    • James M. Maurer
    • Thomas M. McCahill
    • Clyde S. McGregor
    • James R. McManus
    • Sam B. Mezansky
    • Arthur E. Morgan
    • Loren D. and Barbara Mortenson
    • Melinda J. Mount
    • Thomas W. and Jane C. Mount
    • William J. and Marian R. Nasgovitz
    • James W. Neupert
    • Robert J. and Michelle J. New
    • Gary E. and Mary E. Nussbaum
    • William C. Nygren
    • Richard C. Oebser
    • Kenneth D. Opitz
    • San W. Orr
    • Richard F. Ortman
    • Gregg A. and Kristin Ostrander
    • Arthur P. and Gail A. Pasquarella
    • William J. and Linda N. Patchett
    • Jonathan G. Pellegrin
    • Robert R. Perry
    • Denise M. Petersen
    • Daniel S. and Lisa K. Pickett
    • Earl W. and Hazel C. Pierson
    • Milo S. Pinkerton and Virgil Taus
    • Peter M. and Bonnie A. Platten
    • Erwin J. Plesko
    • Andrew E. Plesko
    • Robert B. Pollock and Anh-Tuyet T. Nguyen
    • Barbara J. Pope
    • Rawson S. and Mary E. Price
    • Todd C. and Kathleen P. Pulvino
    • Thomas F. Pyle
    • Larry A. and Kathleen A. Rambo
    • Gary M. and Angela M. Rappeport
    • Jeff and Judith P. Raymond
    • Gregory R. Reed
    • Bernard C. and Ruth G. Reese
    • Timothy P. Reiland
    • Andrew and Dorothy M. Rej
    • Julie G. Richardson
    • Ralph O. Robinson
    • Ernell F. Rothe
    • Wesley G. Scheibel
    • Jerome A. Scheibl
    • James D. Scheinfeld
    • Sylvia Scheinfeld
    • Jeffrey S. Schlinsog
    • John M. and Mary Schroeder
    • Roger H. and Shirley M. Schroeder
    • Robert C. Schubert
    • Leslie P. Schultz
    • Davey S. and Kristine L. Scoon
    • John D. Scott
    • Alan M. Sebulsky
    • Jay R. and Catherine M. Sekelsky
    • Jimmy A. and Eilene R. Shadler
    • Paul S. and Suzanne K. Shain
    • Kenneth F. and Judy Siebel
    • Howard M. Skillrud and Jann L. Harrison
    • James W. and Mary K. Slocum
    • John H. and Cynthia J. Smet
    • Irwin F. Smith
    • James S. and Kelley J. Smith
    • Milo E. Smith
    • Daniel D. Sobic
    • Marshall C. and Patricia P. Solem
    • Kurt C. Sowle
    • Ronald E. and Janice L. Sowle
    • Kenneth D. and Colleen M. Statz
    • Stewart R. Stender and Deborah A. Davenport
    • Adam L. and Andrea L. Taetle
    • Bradley C. and Lisa A. Tank
    • Todd A. and Linda S. Taylor
    • Thomas M. and Julie A. Tefft
    • Glen E. and Susan Tellock
    • Lloyd H. Thomas
    • James H. Thompson and Virginia A. Giuliano
    • Howard E. and Judith M. Thompson
    • Tara L. Torrens
    • Kenneth R. and Bernadine Townsend
    • Roy E. and Dorothy M. Tuttle
    • Jon G. and Susan S. Udell
    • Noel E. Urben
    • Jay E. and Julie M. Van Cleave
    • Jon G. and Karen M. Van Drisse
    • Dominic A. Visconsi
    • John F. and Barbara Wakeman
    • Robert J. Walter and Maria L. Banuchi
    • Terry D. and Mary B. Warfield
    • David L. Warnock
    • Todd A. and DeeAnne Watchmaker
    • Velna A. Wells
    • Mary Ann West
    • James N. and Jane B. Wierzba
    • C. Webb Williams
    • Raymond L. and Kelly K. Wilson
    • Dorothy E. Wolfe
    • Paul M. Zeller
    • Bernard C. and Margaret G. Ziegler
    • Anonymous

Campaign Champions

WSB Campaign Champions honors those donors who have made gifts totaling $1,000 or more to the Wisconsin School of Business during the University’s campus-wide fundraising campaign: All Ways Forward. (July 1, 2013 to present)

See all our Campaign Champions

Students Give Thanks

When you make a gift to the Wisconsin School of Business, you help provide much needed support for our students, faculty, and staff. Our students recognize the transformational role your generosity plays in shaping their learning experiences. They—and the entire WSB community—are most grateful for donor support.

Michelle, BBA Student

“I find it wonderful that alumni are willing to help provide students with a superior education like the one they received, and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity.”

Chris, BBA Student

“You not only directly support my financial needs, but my morale as well. Knowing that there are so many donors that support the Wisconsin Idea helps me continue to work hard to represent my school and make society a better place.”

Sarah, BBA Student

“Without the generosity of people like you, going to school at the Wisconsin School of Business would just be a dream. I am grateful for your investment in my education.”

Tyler, BBA Student

“The difference you make is truly immeasurable.”

Jennifer, BBA Student

“Your consideration has shown me the difference alumni can make in the education of others, and I plan to one day show this same consideration so that others can experience the quality education offered by the Wisconsin School of Business.”

Mark, BBA Student

“Your support makes it possible for students like me to forward our education while reducing the financial burden associated with attending a higher education institution.”

Anna, BBA Student

“To know that you have invested in my education because I have shown potential holds great value to me.”

Jennifer, BBA Student

“It means so much to me to have the support of donors, and I continuously do my best to give back to the program, as it has given me the building blocks for a successful future as a Wisconsin alumna.”

Tim, BBA Student

“Generosity from donors is a big reason why the Wisconsin School of Business remains one of the top schools in the country.”