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WSB’s Mark Eppli and Alumna Jill Hatton Discuss COVID-19 and the Future of Real Estate

July 2, 2020

What might we expect from the commercial and residential markets as a result of COVID-19? WSB's Mark Eppli and WSB alumna Jill Hatton share their insights during this special virtual series for UW-Madison alumni, "The UW Now Livestream."

WSB Associate Professor Amber Epp

Video: Associate Professor Amber Epp on Family Decision-Making and Outsourcing Parenthood

March 5, 2019

Associate Professor Amber Epp's research explores the way parents choose to "outsource" some of their tasks and what the implications are when they do so.

WSB Associate Professor Justin Sydnor

Video: Associate Professor Justin Sydnor on Choosing the Best Value in a Health Plan

January 24, 2019

Associate Professor Justin Sydnor's research explores how many people end up choosing a health plan that doesn’t provide the best economic value.

WSB Associate Professor Jordan Tong

Video: Associate Professor Jordan Tong on How We Make Decisions When Uncertain

December 10, 2018

What do guessing the number of pennies in a jar or poring over real estate listings have to do with investing in a new product or project? Plenty, according to research from Jordan Tong, associate …

Gift From Alumnus Creates Richard J. Johnson Chair of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems

September 27, 2017

With the foundation for his successful career built at the Wisconsin School of Business, Richard J. Johnson (BBA ’72) is giving back to his alma mater by funding an endowment to create a new chair …

New Inspired Learning Chairs Push Boundaries of Educational Innovation

November 7, 2016

Four WSB faculty who were recently named Inspired Learning Chairs will be given opportunity to explore educational innovation initiatives that enhance student learning. The Inspired Learning Chairs were established in 2015, as part of the …

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