Over the past month COVID-19 has turned the job market upside down. Depending on industry, companies are instituting hiring freezes, innovating their remote work policies, and in some cases, furloughing and laying off employees. This has left some employees out of work and made others anxious about future job security. How do you navigate and arm yourself for career decisions during a time of uncertainty? If you’ve been catapulted into an unexpected job search—how do you prepare and execute the search in this environment? This webinar will help you gain clarity of the market, learn action steps to approach a job change, and provide a forum for questions as we continue down the path of uncertainty, together.

Watch Embracing Career Confidence in an Unstable Job Market here.


Gina Jenkins

Gina Jenkins

Director, MBA Career Management Center

Gina is Director of Career Management for MBA and Master’s Programs, overseeing both student career preparation and employer relations and development. She also serves as a career coach to students throughout the job search process and in their overall career development.

Gina began her career in the human resources field. In a former position managing the alumni career services program for the Wisconsin Alumni Association, she discovered her passion for helping individuals create their career visions and accomplishing their goals. At the Wisconsin School of Business, Gina is dedicated to helping future business leaders find meaningful employment after graduation.

Gina holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a master’s degree in counseling from Lakeland University. She has earned a Global Career Development Facilitator’s Certification (GCDF), holds a Certified Career Counselor credential from the National Career Development Association (CCC), and is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.