When influencing within an organization, two things override an elegant argument or rock-solid evidence: partnerships and flexibility. Without the trust that is inherent in a partnership, even the best ideas do not get off the ground. Moreover, without the give and take of accepting and using the input and ideas of others, your influence is not sustainable. This webinar will explore actions and behaviors you can leverage to increase your influence with others at all levels within your organization.

Watch the Mastering the Power of Influence webinar here.

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Susan Finerty

Susan Finerty

Adjunct Faculty
Center for Professional & Executive Development, Wisconsin School of Business

Susan has experience in organizational development working with large multinational companies. Her focus is matrix organizations and how to navigate and influence crossfunctionally in these organizations.

Prior to joining the University of Wisconsin-Madison faculty, Susan worked for Baxter and two pharmaceutical companies. Susan is the author of Master the Matrix: 7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations and The Cross Functional Influence Playbook. She has a B.A. from Central Michigan University and an M.A. from Indiana University.

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