With each graduating class, a new generation of Business Badgers sets out to find success and give the world what they have to offer. Also with every class comes new leaders and innovators who give back to the school that gave them the tools to succeed. This culture of giving back doesn’t just begin after graduation—it starts with graduating seniors.

Why Does Student Giving Matter? 

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Pay It Forward

Supporting future generations of students to ensure they have the same opportunities helps keep the Wisconsin School of Business strong—it’s what Badgers do.

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Every Gift Matters

Small amounts add up to make a big difference. Every bit of support helps provide invaluable opportunities for Business Badgers like you.

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Support is Critical

As state funding declines and fees rise, private giving helps us continue to deliver the top-tier education helps us continue to deliver top-tier education.

Impact of Student Giving

Since 2006, WSB students from all programs have shown their gratitude through student-led giving campaigns. Last year, 15 students served on campaign teams, raising $49,575 from 364 of their peers.

"Giving back means leaving my legacy on the School. I view that pledge as my token of appreciation for everything the School has done for me. I want future generations of Badgers to have the same opportunities I did. I want to grow the School and keep the opportunities going."

WSB Student

"We have an unbelievable alumni network, and giving is one of the best ways to show your involvement in that network. Many student resources in the Wisconsin School of Business—like some of our career services—are funded by donations. Those are things you can't really put a price on. It's been so beneficial to my experience."

WSB Student