In 2013, the Wisconsin School of Business and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) funded a new program aimed at helping nascent entrepreneurs navigate through the many business issues that arise when starting and growing a new business. This program is known as the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Our Mission

The Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic, in collaboration with the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic (L&E), the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery, and WARF, provides free business advice and services for Wisconsin-based entrepreneurs. Under the direction of Michael Williams, MBA students and senior-level undergraduates undertake various projects that the businesses require.

  1. Helping researchers, students, and university affiliates start new businesses
  2. Expanding business support for entrepreneurs in the local community, starting with researchers at UW–Madison
  3. Expanding experiential learning opportunities for business students and law students at the intersection of their respective fields and in the domain of entrepreneurship

How we can help your business

The Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic provides assistance and advice in the following areas:


  • Vision / Mission
  • Entrepreneurial, Business and Personal Goals

Customer Driven

  • Target Market
  • Market Sizing
  • Pricing Structure
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Customer Service Model


  • Customer Service
  • Warehouse/Manufacturing Process - Identification of Systems
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain Contracts

Founders Issues

  • Compensation (deferred, competitive, analysis)
  • Structure of Equity
  • Roles of Founders and Top Management Team
  • Management Hiring and Development


  • Brand
  • Pricing
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
    • Advertising - Entry into Markets
    • Direct/Indirect Analysis
      • Sales Cycles
      • Sales Compensation Structure
      • Sales Goals

Resources Needed

  • Capital Equipment Needs
  • Location (Choice, Evaluation, Valuation, Lease Negotiations)
  • People - Organizational Charts (over time)
  • Total Capital Needed


  • Accounting Software Analysis
  • Accounting System Setup
  • Proforma Analysis
    • Summary Financials with Relevant Metrics
    • Sources and Uses of Funds
    • Balance Sheets
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Flow/Table
  • Controls
  • A/R Collections Monitoring
  • Billing


  • Competitive Advantage
  • Number of Current Competitors
  • Number of Substitute Products
  • Pricing Structure of Competition
  • Comparative Analysis of Competition vs COMPANY
  • IP Barriers
  • Future Potential Competitors
  • Derive Estimate of Window of Opportunity

Apply for Services

If you need us to evaluate your business needs and determine if we can help your business, please apply for services.

Potential clients need to fill out a survey and complete an interview to better evaluate the company’s business needs. Should the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic decide to provide services, a Scope of Work (SoW) will be defined. We recognize that every business has different needs and timelines, all of this will be taken into consideration when defining the SoW.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all office hours and client meetings are conducted online by video conference. Currently, our office hours are Fridays from 9am-1pm. For more information about the clinic, please contact us at

"There's a sense of pride in the process. You want to take strides on your own but it's nice to have the safety bet. The Clinic is adaptable and can meet you wherever you need help, whichever stage of the business you are in."

—Ryan Browne
Working Draft Beer Company

B&E Clinic Features

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Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic Offers a Lifeline to Early Stage Entrepreneurs

January 26, 2021

That the Wisconsin School of Business has a storied history of producing accomplished alumni is no secret. What may be less understood though is the role the school plays in offering direct support to early …

Nathan Eggenberger and Nick Peterson

Expanding Opportunities with the B&E Clinic

July 10, 2020

When Nick Peterson (BS ’20) and Nathan Eggenberger (BA ’19) founded Sundream Studio about 18 months ago, the pair focused on web development for external clients. Nick a developer and Nathan a designer started building internal tools …

Customer ordering at Working Draft Brewery

Tapping their Way through COVID-19

May 8, 2020

When Working Draft Brewery opened their taproom in 2018, the business model was to serve their craft brews exclusively onsite; fast-forward to today and all of their sales are through packaged products. As a young …

Consultant Biographies

Michael Williams

Michael Williams

Director of Business & Entrepreneurship Clinic

Michael Williams has over 23 years of experience as a financial and operations executive in small, mid-sized and large companies. He has experience in accounting, finance, treasury, sales operations, budgeting and strategic planning. He has direct experience in managing small and mid-sized companies through expansive growth. Mr. Williams is well versed in start-up businesses’ challenges and their specific needs. He also has experience starting and running his own consulting business that helped small to mid-sized companies raise capital for growth. He is currently the Director of Entrepreneurship Activities and the Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Daniel Campbell

Daniel Campbell

MBA Student Consultant

Daniel’s interest in entrepreneurship comes from a long-time mentor, who quit a relatively comfortable corporate job to pursue his passion of starting his own business. From him, Daniel learned about the perseverance, creativity and vision it takes to lead a startup to success. Early in his career he was able to leverage those lessons as a director at a medium-sized health facility in rural Florida. With a shoe-string budget and limited industry knowledge, he was able to string together a winning sales strategy to ensure sustainable growth for the facility. Most recently, Daniel completed an internship as an Assistant Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble on the Crest brand. Daniel is interested in how innovation impacts pricing, especially in a highly competitive category such as toothpaste. Daniel is an MBA candidate within the Center for Brand and Product Management.

Parthasarathy Muthyala Bhaskar

Parthasarathy Muthyala Bhaskar

MBA Student Consultant

Partha has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, majoring in computer science. Immediately after college, he joined Infosys, an IT service company based in India. His professional journey also includes a 6-year deputation to the US working for LexisNexis, a leading legal publishing company. Partha has taken part in major business transformation programs and he also oversaw numerous data migration projects that required strict process controls and involved multiple vendors across a variety of technology platforms. Partha joined the Wisconsin Full-time MBA program to get a broader perspective of different business functions. He is specializing in operations and technology management, a field which aligns to his career background. In the summer of 2020, Partha had an internship at SingularityAIX, a startup company based out of Milpitas, California. He worked on projects involving mergers and acquisitions as well as business process improvements. Partha has also written a white paper on digital transformation. Partha is currently a Weinert Center Fellow and is excited to be a part of the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic.