Employers highly value Wisconsin School of Business Undergraduate students because they are exceptionally prepared to lead in the workplace, possessing a well-rounded education combining rigorous academic experiences with real-world learning. Energetic, passionate and culturally competent, our undergraduate students are polished, professional and ready to make an impact.

Our Holistic Approach Produces Top-Notch Talent

Focused coursework in 10 majors equips our business undergraduates with specialized knowledge gained from thought-leading faculty known for their research and innovation, so they’re able to provide immediate value to your organization. Our students can further reinforce their focused expertise through specializations and certificates, giving them an extra edge in the workplace.

Wisconsin Undergraduate students also benefit from applied learning experiences, gaining practical experience to confidently hit the ground running on the job.

Our undergraduate curriculum also includes a strong liberal arts foundation that equips students with in-demand skills that corporate recruiters seek, including critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication and quantitative analysis.

Wisconsin’s competitive accounting program produces disciplined, highly skilled and well-prepared candidates for firms across the country, from Deloitte to KPMG.

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Benefit from Our Forward-Thinking Undergraduate Leaders

The Wisconsin School of Business’s groundbreaking programs help shape the personal, professional, and leadership skills of our Undergraduate students, so they’re ready to contribute fresh ideas, grow your business and support diverse customer needs.

Compass, a multi-year core component of the Wisconsin Undergraduate curriculum, deeply enriches undergraduate business students with personal and professional development opportunities, from examining different leadership styles, to weaving inclusion and collaboration into daily work practices. This enables students to grow as leaders and mentors, able to contribute on diverse teams and have a positive impact when they enter the workforce.

As one of the nation’s first in-house business school leadership centers, the Accenture Leadership Center (ALC) empowers students with a rich variety of activities, classes, workshops and leadership training events. Case competitions designed to imitate real-life settings tests and reinforces students’ applied learning skills, so they’re prepared for future problem-solving at work. As a result, our Undergraduate students are instilled with the confidence and professional skills to lead in the workplace and beyond.

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The Accenture Leadership Center encourages students to explore their values and develop a personal vision, preparing them to lead with purpose where they work and live.
Zach Roberts 

“Students not only talk about leadership in class, but go out and find ways to lead as part of the program. Going into job interviews and being able to talk about how I was a mentor and a leader, while helping build those skills in others, really brought home the value of the Wisconsin BBA[Undergraduate] Program and the impact.”

—Zach Roberts, Undergraduate

Our Students Embrace Inclusion and Diversity

Cultivating an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative environment is a strategic priority at the Wisconsin School of Business. Early on in their academic career, Wisconsin Undergraduate students are exposed to the principles of inclusion and diversity. Students are asked to complete curricular and co-curricular elements that enhance their ability to work in and lead diverse teams.

These classroom experiences and curricular programming strengthens each individual’s cultural competence, so they’ll make positive contributions at work and in the communities where they live.

Wisconsin Undergraduate students also are enriched by a wide range of resources and organizations on campus that promote diversity and provide advocacy services, from Women in Business, to the UW–Madison chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants.

Additionally, international students from dozens of countries around the world add to the multicultural learning environment at the Wisconsin School of Business. Our international graduates offer rich global perspectives and experience to businesses seeking a diverse, highly qualified multicultural workforce.