The Wisconsin MBA students are like no other. We produce high-performing business leaders with diverse perspectives, specialized knowledge, and the essential business skills to address future enterprise challenges.

Business-Ready Graduates with a Holistic Business Education

The Wisconsin MBA Program offers a holistic approach, combining a core curriculum in critical business, managerial, and leadership skills, along with deep expertise in one of 10 specializations. This integrated approach gives our MBA students the business knowledge needed to be effective in positions of broad responsibility and influence, along with the deeply specialized knowledge to make positive, innovative contributions in specific functional areas.

Our students also enhance their specialized expertise through consulting projects, community involvement, and global trips to get broad perspectives on business and cultures. Evidenced-based decision-making, quantitative analysis and effective business communications also are integrated throughout the entire Wisconsin MBA curriculum.

As a result, Wisconsin MBA graduates are versatile, experienced, inclusive leaders with the well-rounded business acumen to contribute value and deliver positive results to your organization from day one.

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Wisconsin grads are a strong cultural fit with P&G’s purpose, values, and principles. UW–Madison creates well-rounded graduates with high integrity and a passion for winning. Wisconsin School of Business candidates are passionate about making a positive impact in the world and in the business from day one.

—Procter & Gamble

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The quality of students I see at Wisconsin is amazing. In the specializations there is genuine passion to make everybody succeed. When I recruit at the Wisconsin School of Business everyone is very prepared. There is so much talent that it is tough to decide who to bring into our team.”

—General Mills

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The majority of MBA graduates join Intuit having developed initial skills and expertise in other industries. As Wisconsin MBA graduates, they bring varying thoughts and perspectives to Intuit and are a good fit with our innovative, constantly transforming culture.


Our MBAs Are Experienced, Globally Focused Leaders

Upon hire, Wisconsin MBA students already have extensive experience solving business problems, leading teams, and working in global business environments. Confident, knowledgeable and well-prepared, our graduates are ready and eager to contribute to organizations like yours, right from the start.

The Wisconsin MBA Program gives our students immersive experiential learning opportunities throughout the two-year curriculum. They gain hands-on, real-world experience solving actual business problems, working together with students, faculty and industry executives in their respective areas of specialization.

Wisconsin MBA students are known for the leadership acumen they bring to the workplace. Curricular and co-curricular leadership experiences are intentionally built into the Wisconsin MBA program, so our students are ready to lead teams and collaborate with others in any business environment. Specifically, our Ignite Career Accelerator sharpens our students’ skills in the three critical areas of individual, team, and organizational leadership—qualities that are highly valued by employers like you.

Wisconsin MBA students also gain rich global business experience while building their cultural competency, both in the classroom and through hands-on experience. These global learning experiences include a team consulting project with actual deliverables for a multinational corporation or a company outside of the U.S.

Group of Full-Time MBA students discussing with eachother
Students impact organizations by working in small teams to solve real-world business problems.

Outside the classroom, Wisconsin MBA students are highly engaged in the student community, building on their academic learning through their involvement in a wide range of student organizations, from Graduate Women in Business, to the Entrepreneurship Association. In addition, many of our MBAs are active in the Graduate Business Association, which hosts presentations by noted business leaders, sponsors student-led community service projects, and coordinates fun social events.

Wisconsin MBA students know how to positively impact organizations, having received valuable experience working in small teams to solve real-world business problems.

Our Students Embrace Inclusion and Diversity

The Wisconsin Full-Time MBA Program puts considerable emphasis on preparing students to excel in a global and multicultural business world. Diversity and inclusion programming begins at orientation and continues throughout the two-year program, often interwoven with related concepts such as leadership and teamwork.

Three people talking to each other at a board meeting
By participating in a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities focusing on diversity and inclusion, our MBA students are prepared to excel in multicultural business environments.

As a result, Wisconsin MBA students have realistically embraced the importance of creating and sustaining workplace environments where every person feels welcome, valued, and able to succeed.

In fact, the Wisconsin School of Business has played a leading role in promoting diversity in business for more than 50 years. The University of Wisconsin–Madison was one of three founding members of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, a diversity network linking top-tier students, MBA programs, and leading corporations. As a long-standing member of The Consortium, the Wisconsin School of Business has played a crucial role in increasing the diversity of corporate America.

Additionally, international students enrich the multicultural learning environment at the Wisconsin School of Business. Companies seeking a diverse, highly qualified multicultural workforce have benefited from hiring our international MBA graduates.