The Wisconsin MBA program attracts diverse, talented students from around the world, and equips them with the core business acumen and specialized expertise to help businesses like yours grow and succeed. Here’s a quantitative snapshot of the exceptional Wisconsin MBA students who will positively impact companies worldwide.

Class of 2020 (Entering Fall 2018)

Enrollment 79
Average years of professional work experience 5
Average age 28
Percentage of female students enrolled 35%
Percentage of underrepresented populations enrolled 11%
Percentage of international students enrolled 27%
Percentage of U.S. military students enrolled 4%

GMAT Scores

Average GMAT score 670
Score distribution, 80% range 620-670

Academic Backgrounds

Business 29%
Engineering 25%
Social Sciences 19%
Science 14%
Humanities 13%
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Dawn Luo

“Relationships with corporate partners and alumni, and the camaraderie between classmates, are phenomenal. Wisconsin is market-competitive externally, but highly collaborative internally.”

—Dawn Luo (MBA Class 2016)

Meet Our High-Achieving, Exemplary MBA Students

Get to know some of the accomplished individuals who comprise our lifelong MBA community by reading their stories.


Ena Vijay

Bridge Cultural Gap to Expand Career Options

Ena Vijay (MBA '17) pursued an MBA to expand her career technically and geographically. She chose Wisconsin because of its specialization model, which is giving her deep training in finance on top of a general management foundation. As an international student, she sees her Wisconsin MBA as the key to bridging cultural gaps, providing a broad international perspective, and building a strong professional network.

David Olson

Develop a Breadth of Knowledge

David Olson (MBA '17) entered the Wisconsin MBA Program to immerse himself in a specialized field and build a strong professional network. Drawn to the depth of the Wisconsin MBA curriculum and alumni community, David has built up a well-rounded portfolio of skills and connected with leaders throughout the risk management and insurance industry.

Brandon Shields

Fast-Track From Marine to Marketing Professional

Brandon Shields (MBA '17) served in the Marine Corps, including in Afghanistan. He was honorably discharged and began crafting his new future, which he is building for himself and his toddler son.