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John M. McKeller is a senior lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He previously served concurrent appointments as the director of education for ISM and as an assistant professor at UW-Madison. John was also director of the supply chain management programs in UW-Madison’s former Executive Education supply chain management certificate series. His present responsibilities in the Wisconsin School of Business include teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in supply chain management, procurement and global sourcing.

During the last several years, John has conducted hundreds of client-sponsored workshops on supply chain and negotiation related topics in the U.S., Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America.

John was previously an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University, the University of San Diego and the University of California at San Diego Business Extension. Before entering the academic field, he held various managerial positions with subsidiaries of Ralston Purina, Eli Lilly and Company, and General Dynamics Corporation. He is the author of the McGraw-Hill book “Supply Chain Management DeMystified”. Additionally, his articles on supply management topics have appeared in numerous national publications, academic journals, and the Third Edition of the APICS Handbook. A graduate of San Diego State University, John also completed an MBA at Pepperdine University and a D.B.A. at United States International University.


Undergraduate Courses

Procurement & Supply Management (MKT/OTM 423), Fall 2007.

Procurement & Supply Management (MKT/OTM 423), Fall 2008.

Procurement & Supply Management (MKT/OTM 423), Fall 2009.

Procurement & Supply Management (MKT 423), Fall 2010.

Procurement & Supply Management (MKT 423), Fall 2011.

Contemporary Topics (MKT 365), Fall 2002.

Graduate Courses

Contemporary Topics (MKT 765), Spring 2003.

Contemporary Topics (MKT 765), Fall 2005.

Global Outsouring (MKT/OTM 724), Spring 2007.

Strategi Global Sourcing (MKT/OTM 724), Spring 2008.

Strategic Global Sourcing (MKT/OTM 724), Spring 2009.

Strategic Global Sourcing (MKT/OTM 724), Spring 2010.

Strategic Global Sourcing (MKT 724), Spring 2011.

Hybrid Courses

Contemporary Topics (MKT/MKT 365/765), Spring 2002.

Contemporary Topics (MKT/MKT 365/765), Spring 2004.

Contemporary Topics (MKT/MKT 365/765), Spring 2005.

Contemporary Topics (MKT/MKT 365/765), Spring 2006.

Contemporary Topics (MKT/MKT 365/765), Fall 2006.