Senior Lecturer | General Business
3259B Grainger Hall


I teach General Business 300: Professional Communication course and General Business 320: Intercultural Communication in Business. I am also an Instructional Coach for The Discussion Project, which trains and supports faculty in using large and small group discussion structures and facilitation strategies to increase inclusivity and equity in the classroom while bolstering student learning (the Project is also a Mellon-funded research study).

In addition to a decade of teaching experience, I have 15 years of experience in program coordination and communications in the nonprofit sector. As part of that experience, I have conducted hundreds of presentations and routinely prepared complex reports for a wide variety of stakeholders. Most recently, as staff of the Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison, I implemented fair housing outreach and education services across Dane County and the state, presenting to thousands of elected officials, housing consumers, community advocates, and others. I also worked to support civil rights enforcement by conducting investigations of housing discrimination.

As someone dedicated to educational access, I founded, coordinated, and taught with the Writers in Prisons project, a collaborative organization that offered writing and humanities classes to individuals incarcerated at Oakhill Correctional Institution from 2007 to 2012. In 2013, I assisted UW faculty in securing a Baldwin Idea grant to continue this work under the umbrella of the University.

As an educator, I care about the research and application of student-centered learning approaches, including cooperative learning; using feedback cycles with students; and collaborating with students, where possible (on identifying learning goals, the assignments and activities which will lead us to those goals, and the assessments we will use to determine whether we've met them). In addition, I am interested in the role of dialogue in learning and community, and best practices for creating/sustaining inclusion and equity in the classroom.

My question on a daily basis is "how can I make this a better experience for students?" as learners and as members of a learning community.

Hobbies include reading (history, international current events, and long-form journalism), cooking (favorite cuisines include Lebanese and Turkish), and running (slowly). I volunteer with the nonprofit Freedom, Inc.


Undergraduate Courses

GenBus 300: Professional Communication (BUS 300), Fall 2016.

GenBus 300: Professional Communication (BUS 300), Fall 2016.

GenBus 300: Professional Communication (BUS 300), Fall 2016.