MBA 2020 | Operations and Technology Management


Arthur Meinig is excited to join the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management (OTM) at the Wisconsin School of Business after five engaging years in the pharmaceutical industry. Arthur received his bachelors in Chemistry, Japanese, and East Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon graduating, Arthur joined Pharmaceutical Product Development as a production bench chemist and worked his way to principal investigator, leading and managing bioanalytical projects while continually honing his scientific and problem-solving abilities. He displayed solid technical and project management skills and was recruited to the R&D department to work on exploratory drug discovery projects and focused on developing pipeline business by delivering rapid, quality results and excellent customer service.

By specializing in Operations and Technology Management, Arthur plans to augment his pharmaceutical industry and project management experience with sharp business acumen and a creative entrepreneurial approach in order to develop innovative business strategies to apply to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Outside of school and work, he enjoys watching Wisconsin sports, traveling the world, and spending time with friends and family.