MBA 2020 | Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


Michael Lockard graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, he worked as a quality Engineer for an after-market Jeep parts distributor until beginning graduate school in the fall of 2013. Michael focused his graduate studies in Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer and studied droplet-surface interactions for forensic applications (i.e. blood spatter) as part of his Master’s Thesis.

After defending his Thesis in July of 2015, Michael joined Cobham’s Leadership Development Program and worked in a wide variety of roles and projects over the next two years. He spent 6 months as a Manufacturing Engineer, overseeing the daily operations of a product line, led several projects within one of Cobham’s key development programs and worked on many functional improvement projects to improve operations within the Quality and Engineering functions.

Michael transitioned into a full-time position in Program Management in Davenport, IA and assigned to a critical path supplier. He gained experience in running the Engineering Operations for that company and led them to closure of the development program.

Outside of work, Michael is active in many sports and activities including races, tough mudders, beach volleyball, flag football, golf and soccer. He loves to travel and enjoys good TV/movies and books. He is excited to pursue his MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business in order to develop a complimentary skill set in Finance and P&L that will enable him to be a more rounded leader in the future.