MBA 2020 | Operations and Technology Management


Narimah Ehr graduated in 2008 from Edgewood College with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Minors in Physics and Environmental Studies. Upon graduation, she aspired to establish her own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm that would also serve as a learning laboratory for sustainable farming practices. However, after realizing she wanted to make a larger impact than could be accomplished on a small farm, she accepted a position at Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling (NRU), a cleantech startup at the intersection of agriculture and wastewater. The Madison-based company develops technologies to produce valuable agricultural fertilizers from wastewater. She joined the three founders as their only employee in 2015 and oversaw the construction of their first industrial prototype. Since then, she has secured $2M in grant awards and won the 2016 SXSW Eco pitch competition, fostered the startup’s growth to seven employees, and arbitrated project communications with NRU’s new funding partner, Centrisys Corp. Through her work with NRU, she has first-hand experience of how powerful collaboration can be and wants to improve implementation of team workflows.

In her spare time, Narimah plays music in a Brazilian percussion ensemble, enjoys outdoor activities, and practices meditation. She is both personally and professionally fascinated by group collaboration and is looking forward to joining the Wisconsin School of Business’ Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management, where she will learn how to revitalize organizational processes to drive innovation and produce cutting-edge products and services.