MBA 2021 | Operations and Technology Management


Linh Nguyen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, he went back to his home country of Vietnam and accepted a role as a manufacturing engineer at V-Standa JSC. The company has its roots in making automatic voltage stabilizers for the domestic and foreign markets since 1995 and recently has expanded into the chest-type freezer and water heater markets, as well as OEM sheet metal products. During his time of work, he has gained valuable knowledge on production processes of many different types of products, launching 10+ new chest freezer and stabilizer models and developing solutions such as welding jigs and supportive mechanisms to facilitate production activities. As he moved up to a new role as an assistant director of the factory, he has also accumulated experience on customer interaction with clients from Vietnam, UK, Japan and US whose products are manufactured by V-Standa. His contribution in securing these crucial partnerships, from consultation and negotiation to oversight of production and quality control has brought V-Standa an annual revenue of $8 million and steadily increasing, as well as providing stable and higher than average income for 100+ skilled workers in the factory.

Outside of work, Linh enjoys hanging out with friends, watching soccer and swimming. A skilled guitarist with 4 years of playing, he has played at multiple local venues in Hanoi, Vietnam with his bands, delivering classic tunes in many genres from pop to heavy metal. He also taught guitar, coordinated three successful live shows and coached new bands, giving them advice on band etiquette and performing. He is excited to return to UW-Madison again for his MBA in Operations and Technology Management, which will help him focus on the business side of manufacturing, explore its various optimization strategies and strengthen his core skills as an engineer and business person alike.