MBA 2020 | Marketing Analytics and Insights


Paras Bansal graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Economics. After graduation, he accepted a role as a Merchandise Analyst for Kohl’s Department Store, where he managed the inventory of the Men’s Hosiery department, a business that totaled $140 million in annual retail sales. With a monthly budget between $10-15MM, Paras was in charge of allocating purchases of national sock brands and reducing total inventory in the 1,150 stores.

Paras is a very driven individual who focuses on continuous improvement and understands the growing need of technical expertise. In his spare time, he took online courses in SQL, Excel, and Tableau to become more well-versed in coding languages and building strong presentations. He is also not afraid of problems or mistakes. He believes that there are dozens of problems that exist in every working situation, and he diligently works to discover and solve each of those problems.

Outside of work, Paras does everything he can to stay active. He ran a marathon in 2017, and enjoys everything nature. He is an avid hiker, and over the summer, you can find him scouring every local coffee shop and beer garden in Wisconsin. While living in Milwaukee, Paras developed a passion for leading efforts to support the inner-city community and he regularly volunteered at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. He also led an organization that brought over 150 volunteers to the rescue mission, a service team that was the largest in the shelter’s history.