MBA 2021 | Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


Fred Wang is an MBA student at University of Wisconsin-Madison. After graduating from the national No. 1 rehabilitation psychology M.S. program at UW-Madison, Fred joined an innovative medical device startup, named Wicab, Inc. Starting as a clinical researcher, Fred developed clinical study protocols and oversaw customer training procedures for commercial sales and R&D projects.  After helping the company get FDA clearance, Fred was promoted as the Director of Business Development and Operations to lead the expansion of Asian market. Since 2016, Fred has raised more than $5MM, including VC investment and incentive government grants. Fred is excited to join the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. During school, Fred directs several entrepreneurial projects with Wicab, Inc.

Fred is passionate about healthcare innovation and seeks for a position in financial services and investment banking. In the free time, he enjoys practicing meditation and playing sports (tennis, soccer, and ultimate). Additionally, his big dream is visiting art and history museums around the world.