MBA 2021 | Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


Mark Nicola graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. After graduation, he moved back to his home state of Idaho and accepted a job as a Supply Chain Manager at West Idaho Orthopedics, a large orthopedic clinic servicing the Boise metropolitan area and within a week was promoted to Director of Workers Compensation and Provider Relations / Head of Marketing / Business Analyst. During this time, he was able to gain an excellent understanding of Financial Analysis, Marketing, and Business Operations. After 6 months he was promoted to Head of the Meridian Office. During his time there he increased efficiency with schedulers on the phone, implemented cost saving methods, and started a profitable prescription dispensing program. During his time there he facilitated an increase of over 2.75 million in total revenues.

While not working, Mark enjoys giving back to his community as a commission member of the Eagle Historical Commission, volunteering at local schools helping special needs kids and raising money for charity. He also enjoys hiking, rafting, playing sports, cooking and traveling across the world. Mark gained an enthusiasm for finance in his undergraduate studies which was fostered through his career at West Idaho Orthopedics. Mark looks forward to furthering this passion as a University of Wisconsin-Madison MBA candidate as a member of the Nicholas Center’s Corporate Finance and Investment Banking program.