MBA 2020 | Brand and Product Management


Having more than 10 years of professional experience, Joseph has spent the bulk of his career as an instructor and entrepreneur in South Korea and Thailand. He first developed his voracious appetite for world travel and cultural exploration on a high school trip to Mexico. This inspired him to live and study in Spain where he advanced his language abilities and studied Spanish history and culture, and later to intern in Mexico, where he consulted the Morelos State Ministry of Tourism on tourism design projects.

Later, his passion for multiculturalism took him to South Korea as an English Instructor. Fascinated with the rapid pace of change in Korea, Joseph prolonged his stay and turned his focus to corporate education. His interactions with professionals across various industries instituted a deep understanding of Korean history, economy, and politics, as well as an acute understanding of Korean business culture. Joseph transferred this knowledge into a position with the Seoul Global Center, where he consulted start-ups on FDI and visa procedures necessary to establish a company in Korea as a foreigner.

Joseph’s appetite for a challenge and his penchant for learning by doing led him to establish two businesses while living abroad. First, in Northern Thailand, he opened and ran a restaurant and bar. Then, in 2016, he created Momentum Education, a consultancy and training company, based in Seoul. Joseph leveraged his career history to grow Momentum from a one-person operation to a firm that employed a dozen trainers and worked with several top global companies.

In his free time, Joseph enjoys exploring the lesser traveled parts of the world, hosting dinner parties, reading nonfiction (because a lot of really interesting stuff happens in the real world too!), and an occasional round of golf.