MBA 2020 | Brand and Product Management


Kaitlyn Wilchynski is excited to pursue her MBA in Brand and Product Management at the Wisconsin School of Business. Born and raised in Western Canada, Kaitlyn graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Arts (honours) in English and a Bachelor of Arts in History in 2012. It was in her home province of Saskatchewan that Kaitlyn began her professional career as an executive-level political advisor. Kaitlyn first worked in policy advising before switching to communications where she oversaw the development of complex communication strategies and helped create and implement innovative policy initiatives. Her role was diverse and ever-changing and Kaitlyn’s ability to work with a diverse group of people, stay calm in any situation, and her capacity to balance multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment singled her out as a leader early on. The aspect of her job that Kaitlyn was most passionate about was personal and party branding as well as understanding voting behavior; she decided to find a graduate program that would allow her to build a career around these passions. Realizing that it was marketing and consumer behavior that she was interested in is what led Kaitlyn to pursue her MBA in Brand and Product Management.

As a passionate community volunteer, Kaitlyn has been on the board of my non-profits and volunteered in leadership roles on numerous provincial and federal campaigns in Canada. While not working or volunteering, you will find Kaitlyn attending her children’s hockey games, reading and traveling with her family.