MBA 2020 | Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


Caleb White is a Southern Utah native who graduated from Southern Utah University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Summa Cum Laude honors. Caleb accepted a position with Academy Mortgage Corporation immediately following graduation, married his college sweetheart, and began working as a Mortgage Loan Originator in the Portland, Oregon area. After several months in the mortgage industry, Caleb took a new role with Target in Southern California. While at Target, he had an incredible opportunity to split time in a hybrid manager role, switching between driving sales on the retail store front and working behind the scenes as a human resources manager. In 2016, Caleb received an opportunity to return to Southern Utah and enter the financial banking career field at State Bank of Southern Utah. After two years in banking, Caleb is excited to join the Wisconsin School of Business and the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking.

Throughout his professional experience, Caleb gained valuable exposure to different industries, business strategies, and responsibilities. He has focused on expanding his business acumen and learning as much as he can from every unique role. While working for State Bank, Caleb gained a deep understanding and passion for corporate finance and compliance while experiencing different financial situations first hand. While specializing in compliance reporting and recordkeeping, he was able to use his skills with Excel and Access to optimize many of the processes in the compliance department. In one of his projects, he was able to reduce an audit report from 1,300 pages to 22, and he was asked to present his work to the executive board each month. Over the course of two years, he was able to increase the department production by 220% while maintaining the same staff and resources.

Caleb looks forward to collaborating with peers and studying corporate finance at the University of Wisconsin. He is particularly excited to work with faculty and begin to conduct his own research in the financial industry. In his personal life, Caleb enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs. He is an avid fly fisher and loves to get outdoors and explore. He is also a lifetime baseball fan and makes sure to spend time each year to travel somewhere new with his spouse.