MBA 2020 | Supply Chain Management


Cher Huang graduated from National Chengchi University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Money and Banking, and a minor in Accounting. After graduation, she took a role with KPMG as an auditor, and received her CPA certification. With a territory of over 40 clients from diverse industries, she gained hands-on analytical skills and understanding of valuable relationships among multi-disciplinary business cycles. In her second year, she supported a consulting team in KPMG to develop improved retail frameworks for Honda, which successfully minimized Honda’s operational expense by 20%. After this role, Cher accepted a role as business analyst and later an operations manager in Gucaijie Corp. where she sharpened her analytical skills to find out and improve deficiencies. Cher was able to streamlined logistic strategies and re-alignment tasks, securing partnerships with Ikea and Dell respectively. Furthermore, she demonstrated her professional competency on cost management. Her work is projected to conserve over $10M on cost for Gucaijie Corp and accelerate inventory turnover rate by 250%.

The common denominator across her roles was grounded in high flexibility to fit into new environment and applying analytical skills to observe problems and cooperate with experts from multi- disciplinary background to generate optimal solutions. This was accomplished through her assertive learning attitude and dedication to absorb new knowledge from cross-disciplinary success.

External to work, Cher dedicated herself in a non-profit organization called Tzu Chi Foundation as a volunteer, serving lunch and elderly cares for people in need. She also enjoys traveling, playing piano and singing, and having weekend brunch with friends or family members. Cher is excited for her MBA to begin at the Wisconsin School of Business’ Center for Supply Chain Management. There she will further sharpen her decision-making skills to adapt to a dynamic business environment in order to be a manager that can drive organizational results and provide valuable solutions.