MBA 2020 | Brand and Product Management


Alex Neufeld graduated from American University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with specializations in Accounting and in Marketing. After graduation, Alex accepted a position in the account services department at Neon, a full service healthcare advertising agency within FCB, in New York City. During his time there, Alex worked closely with numerous clients including Abbvie, Pfizer, Novartis, and Taiho. He has worked on new product launches, brand strategy development, message development, mobile app design, budgeting and numerous other projects. He was promoted three times in five years from Account coordinator to Senior Account executive.

While at Neon Alex helped launch LONSURF, an oral chemotherapy for late stage colorectal cancer. Alex and the team developed the brand strategy, the creative concept, the messaging and all the marketing materials for the product. The launch was highly successful; the client realized revenue far exceeding expectations for the first year. Most recently Alex worked on a mobile app for women with endometriosis. It was the first of its kind created in-house by Neon and one of the most innovative projects at the company. Through multiple rounds of research, the team learned what patients wanted and designed an app specifically for them, providing personalized in-app experiences. Then, using content reactive to user inputs, the app grew organically into a customized product; the more the user interacted with the app, the more customized her experience became, leading to increased engagement and re-engagement.

In his off time, Alex can be found playing or watching any number of sports including baseball, basketball, tennis, and golf. He also enjoys traveling and trying local cuisines. He is excited to be on his MBA journey at the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Brand and Product Management, where Alex plans to strengthen his understanding of brand management and data analysis, and combine the two disciplines to drive positive results for the brands he manages.