MBA 2020 | Supply Chain Management


Hridoy Kr Das graduated in 2011 from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, India with a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering. After his degree, he started his professional journey in Business Analytics. During his 7 years of association with Deere & Company, he gained extensive technical skills in statistical modelling, machine learning, statistical programming, and data modelling. With his technical and soft skills, he was able to deliver revolutionary solutions for better and faster decision making in the areas of Supply Chain, Customer Support, Telematics, Finance, and Product Design. Throughout his career, he was able to bridge the gap between business and data, enabling insights generation from huge volumes of data. His adaptability and strong analytics knowledge created a level of expertise for ‘Proof of Concepts’ in enterprise analytics critical initiatives.

Hridoy loves to spend his weekends in Community Service, especially by visiting NGOs and teaching underprivileged kids. He is a part of the core DISHA team, John Deere India’s Community Development Group. His team’s work toward children welfare was recognized by the company’s CEO in Feb 2018. Developing others is one of his core beliefs; he has had the opportunity to train 200+ employees in data & analytics, winning the 2017 ‘Teacher’s Chalk’ award.

Hridoy has witnessed the birth and evolution of the analytics culture in a manufacturing organization, gaining valuable experience of extracting insights from torrents of data. He is excited to join Wisconsin School of Business for Supply Chain Management where he will get the opportunity to develop and nurture his leadership and management skills in order to lead ‘Digital Transformation’ journeys of organizations.