MBA 2020 | Strategic Human Resource Management


An Nguyen graduated from Foreign Trade University in Vietnam with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. She is excited to pursue her MBA with a specialization in Strategic Human Resources Management at the Wisconsin School of Business. During her undergraduate years, An took an interest in human resources when she vice-chaired the student union. Her role exposed her to personnel development and training sessions and sparked her interest in an HR career in Organizational Development.

An has been a core member for various corporate-wide projects including corporate culture transformation, employee engagement enhancement, and leadership competency building in FE Credit, the largest consumer finance company in Vietnam. In that role, she learned and practiced change management in an organizational context as well as substantial skills to collaborate with leaders from the top of the hierarchy to the front lines.

Hoping to expand herself beyond Organization Development, An led a project which successfully automated and streamlined the performance assessment process for 3,000 employees at Orient Commercial Bank. She also held responsibility in coaching and guiding line managers through their subordinate’s performance review. The experience led An toward an inter-disciplinary career path. Now, An concentrates on developing her computer and statistical skills along with other HR competencies.

Besides a pure pursuit for a professional career, An also developed her interest in gender equality at work and creating a friendly environment for working moms. She hopes to find people and organizations with the same concern in the US as well as in South East Asia.

An holds a brown-belt in Aikido. She loves swimming and being outside.