MBA 2020 | Operations and Technology Management


Tanu Mohan Sharma graduated from Jaypee University of Information Technology in 2014 with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. After graduation, she joined a service company based, HCL Technologies, and started working as a Software Engineer, where she oversaw the creation and maintenance of content for an international publishing company and contributed by ideating and implementing ideas to optimize the process followed by her team, thereby, reducing the cost effort by almost 40% for the client.

After 15 months, she decided to join a Product based company, SAP labs, and started working there as an Associate Developer. Here, she took the opportunity to get involved in the marketing and communications aspect of the product she worked on as a developer. She got involved in the strategies and planning discussions and witnessed firsthand aspects such as customer segmentation, communication channel identification and product messaging. She took initiatives to write and reframe official documentations, schedule sessions with pre-sales colleagues and prospective clients, gathered requirements from existing clients and gathered user stories to better understand customer needs. She was also involved in developing budgeting and metering matrix for her product and integrated metering services like Abacus with her product and organized workshops to spread knowledge about the product and technologies used in the product. Thereafter she pursued a few online courses in Product Marketing, Marketing Strategies and Digital Marketing and has been completely intrigued by the field of Product Management.

She looks forward to joining the Wisconsin School of Business for Operations and Technology Management, and wishes to use this opportunity to enhance and develop her skills to make a lasting impression in the field of OTM.