MBA 2020 | Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


Huyen Nguyen graduated in 2012 from Banking Academy in Hanoi, Vietnam with a Bachelor of Banking and Finance. After graduation, she accepted a role as Credit Analyst in Techcombank, one of the second largest listed banks in Vietnam. In this role, she gained hands-on experience of private equity restructure to solve bad debts, and corporate finance and risk valuation of more than 40 CIB customer portfolios. After that, she accepted a position as a credit appraisal and approval officer in MBBank. There, she managed a portfolio of nearly US$250 million credit limit in a wide range of industries, enhancing her depth of knowledge in corporate finance and comprehensive financial package solutions. Following this, she promoted to Senior Investment Banking Officer of MBBank, laying a foundation for the department by successfully leading teams to build advisory and trading regulations and guidelines. She also delivered multiple wins for her department, making Board of Director decide to transform this service from testing into a one of three main service pillars of the bank. Being the key officer of the department, she was able to work with biggest corporate clients across multiple sectors of business, elevating her professional attitude and ability to thrive under pressure.

In her free time, she works for a non-profit pet rescue organization in Hanoi; enjoys reading, traveling and dancing to jazz funk. She is very excited for her MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. There she will sharpen her skills and knowledge to adapt to a dynamic capital market in order to provide well-rounded and valuable solutions for customers.