MBA 2020 | Risk Management and Insurance


William Brown graduated from the University of Colorado in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and History. After graduation, he took a position in Quality Assurance at Epic Systems Corporation, ensuring the quality and timely progress of software development, spending three years working on the clinical laboratory software before transferring to the team developing the then unreleased research database product. At Epic, he learned the importance of being able to quantify risk; how to communicate effectively internally, with customer analysts, and with end users; how to manage the transition from one process to another; and the importance of keeping commitments both within and without a company.

Outside of work, he gets fresh air by camping, hiking, and target shooting. When the weather is uncooperative, he enjoys woodworking, novels, history, and strategy games. He is very much looking forward to beginning his education at the University of Wisconsin School of Business Center for Risk Management and Insurance, and hopes he can effectively apply that education to improving healthcare.