MBA 2020 | Operations and Technology Management


Gautam Kumar graduated from Anna University (Chennai, India) in 2013 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science. Upon graduation, he joined CBRE Group as a Sales and Marketing Associate where he rose to be a top sales performer, generating revenue of over US $7 million for his clients, as well as expanding his knowledge in marketing strategy and data analytics in the real estate industry. With a desire to move to the finance industry, he joined G-Cart Financial Services as a Senior Product Associate. In this role, he handled the existing portfolio of the company, adding revenue through varied financial tools tailored for specific clients. From here, he moved to Zomato Media Private Limited, taking up the role of Key Accounts Manager, specifically handling sales, account management and marketing. Here, he achieved unparalleled numbers on individual deals, and proactively involved himself in advancing new initiatives such as “Inside Sales”, a new sales model, that increased team output by 20%.

While not working, Gautam enjoys watching soccer (Arsenal fan), reading tech journals and watching documentaries on history and science. Although he spent his early years in the Middle East, Gautam spent most of his life as a resident of Chennai, India, his home city. Here, he has learned from the city’s diverse and work-oriented culture, understanding the value of gratitude, discipline and cordiality.

He is excited to start his MBA journey with the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management at the Wisconsin School of Business where he will be able to sharpen his leadership and decision-making skills to adapt to the dynamic business environment of today. With the MBA in his arsenal, he will have a broader scope for impact to excel in his career.