MBA 2021 | Operations and Technology Management


Julius Siksnianas graduated from Kaunas University of Technology in 2015 with both a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Master of Food and Beverage Technology. While still studying, he began working for Calvatis Calgonit as a Food Technologist in 2012. At the beginning of this role, he was responsible for sales of cleaning detergents and regular services for several breweries and dairy plants in Baltic countries, EU. During regular services inside customer food production factories, Julius got more knowledge in food and beverage technology, cleaning chemistry and manufacturing equipment. However, he thinks it was more important having the opportunity to see dozens of food production factories from the inside. Julius had an opportunity to meet people from warehouse keepers and equipment operators to purchasing managers and production directors. Such experience allowed him to see and compare different management systems in the food industry.

Julius continued to further advance his career and became a Technical Sales Engineer in Calvatis Calgonit Lithuania. In addition to regular services in food production factories, he led 8-10 sales projects of various cleaning and chemical products’ dosing equipment, organized sales meetings to sell chlorine dioxide generators for water treatment, coordinated meetings with clients and negotiated various contract terms in 10 - 15 food-processing plants annually. During his last couple of years at Calvatis Calgonit, Julius had a huge range of responsibilities such as regular services, technical maintenance, trainings about hygiene and sanitation in food production factories, implementation of new cleaning products, quality management of sold products and technical sales of cleaning detergents and sanitation equipment for food industry.

While not working, Julius enjoys cooking, home brewing, home winemaking and gardening. Exploring different countries and cities is one of the most exciting occupations for him. During the past several years, Julius visited many countries in Europe such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Finland. Despite the fact that most of his life Julius lived nearly 5000 miles from the US, before his studies in Wisconsin he had already visited the US three times. Julius is excited to pursue his MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business. He understands that combining his earlier education and work experience with an MBA in Operations and Technology Management will allow him play an important role in any company.