MBA 2021 | Risk Management and Insurance


Hojoon Lee graduated from Yonsei University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Mathematics. After graduation, he worked as an Actuary for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company for 4 years. He calculated liability reserve for insurance policies, assessed its adequacy, and evaluated management performance through analyzing the company’s profits. He also conducted risk management, analyzing the impact of fluctuations in various risk factors such as mortality ratio, expense ratio, and lapse ratio. Subsequently, He has moved to the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC), where he has been in charge of the establishment of deposit insurance policy, risk analysis, the supervision of financial institutions such as insurance companies, banks, and securities companies for 11 years. He received a commendation from the government for contribution to financial industry innovation in 2017. In this way, He have managed and analyzed risks in distinct fields from each other: the private sector and public sector. Based on this sufficient working experience, He have an integrated understanding of risk management and a keen insight on the insurance industry.

External to work , Hojoon is a family-oriented person. He relieves his daily stress by sharing cultural and sports activities with his family in his free time. Also, He participates in sports such as soccer and baseball. He thinks joining the Wisconsin School of Business is a turning point in his life. In order to become an international risk management expert, He will further strengthen his knowledge by completing the Risk Management and Insurance Specialization of the Wisconsin MBA program.