MBA 2021 | Marketing Analytics and Insights


Chantell Hernandez graduated from Florida International University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, a certificate in Marketing Research & Analytics, and a minor in French Language & Culture. Upon graduation, she became an ethnographer for Smart Revenue, collecting observational reports and survey data for several brands, most notably for the launch of SamsungVR. At the same time, she became a marketing intern at Optimum7, a SEO consulting agency helping small businesses optimize their online stores and digital footprint. After completing these key projects, Chantell joined the Trade Marketing team at Hasbro for their Latin American Export Markets. As Trade Marketing Coordinator, she oversaw retail activations in 15 different countries and remotely managed a team of regional consultants and retail merchandisers. She also developed the first in-house shelf space planograms for Latin America, and her guides have been used across the region as a standard for onboarding new customers to the toy and games space. Overall, her experience at Hasbro allowed her to plan and execute brand campaign initiatives, work hand in hand with agencies, and learn what it takes to bring a product to market. After 4 years in trade marketing, Chantell’s desire to become involved earlier in the product life cycle grew, and this renewed her interest in marketing research. 

Outside of work, Chantell loves technology, and is quick to grasp new tools. She has built her own PC, frequently dabbles in new software and programming languages, and loves playing video games in her free time. As a native Floridian, she also loves trying new food and traveling. She is excited to be starting a new chapter of her life by pursuing her MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research, where she will master the skills she needs to understand the consumer and inform product development and decision making.