MBA 2021 | Strategic Human Resource Management


Olivia Liu graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpreting. After graduation, she devoted herself to Africa three years working as a Human Resource and Administration Director. In this role, she tasted and participated in each and every part of Human Resource and developed deep understanding in the function of Human Resource. She partnered with corresponding departments and legal team to consolidate staff for improving efficiency by downsizing staffs, deducted 200+ staff saving approximately up to 1 million dollars of cost per year; she revamped structure of sales department and sales salary, boosting an increase of national sales volume by 25%~30% after 3 months; she regulated consumption of fuel and stationary by detailing steps of applying, reducing cost for daily operation by around 30% while maintaining department work efficiency. Through cooperation with other departments, she knows well what result-oriented is and endeavors to achieve targets by all means. While in charge of HR work, she acted as a member of management team discussing and making business policies for company, which ignited her interest in business management and encouraged her to pursue further study in MBA program.

Olivia enjoys history and writing when off work. She quoted a saying that a mirror tells people how they look but history as a mirror tells people what they gain and loss. She believes that history is a collection human’s wisdom which people can learn strategies and attitudes from.