MBA 2021 | Operations and Technology Management


Samveg Sinha graduated in 2015 from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee with a Bachelor of Technology in Pulp and Paper Engineering. Upon graduation, he joined Grail Insights (formerly Grail Research) as an Analyst to pursue his interest in Analytics. He was allocated a retainer project where he would handle the Account Receivables of the client’s 300 customers. Along with AR, he also got involved in the invoicing, AP and commissions department. Soon, he started handling various workstreams independently, impacting client’s AR management. He designed various dashboards and contributed in the automation of several processes that brought down the delivery time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes per customer. After working as an analyst for 1.5 years, he was promoted to Associate Project Lead on the recommendation of the client. Upon promotion, he started supervising the International Customers vertical for the client.

After another year, he subsequently joined a disruptive start-up based in the USA, where he led the India Operations Team. Working with the VP of Operations directly, he garnered first-hand insight on revamping legacy processes, and optimizing to increase efficacy and reduce manual error. Outlining analytical plans with the US team, while overseeing the core operational task assigned to the India Team shaped his proclivity for product operations.

Outside of work, Samveg’s biggest passion is playing sports. Playing different sports at various levels has been the single biggest game-changer in his life and has made him who he is. He has been an integral member of the High School Cricket Team and Undergrad School Soccer Team as the Vice Captain and Goal Keeper. He was also a part of the Undergrad School Volley Ball Team. Being a firm believer that sports imbibe life-lessons in a subtle yet enjoyable manner, he seeks to continue indulging in this discipline. Samveg is excited to start his MBA journey at the Wisconsin School of Business’ Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management. He is looking forward to start his practical education and begin contributing right after his MBA. Because of the experiential learning approach at WSB, he believes it would be the perfect launchpad for this exhilarating journey he is about to embark upon.