MBA 2021 | Operations and Technology Management


Saurabh Bhandari graduated from SRM University in 2014 with a Bachelors in Technology in Computer Sciences. After graduation, he started his career with Fidelity Investments, an American multinational financial services corporation. During his tenure of four years at Fidelity Investments, Saurabh worked as a Data Scientist focusing on areas of operations and technology. He worked in diverse domains such as Trade Back Offices, Enterprise Infrastructure, Asset Management, Human Resources and Health & Insurance.

At Fidelity, he was not only responsible for implementing AI/ML based solutions, but also for setting up a data science practise and centre of excellence directly working with teams from Ireland, USA, India and China. At Fidelity, Saurabh also started an Innovation Club, where he formulated strategies, formed dedicated teams and platforms for enabling innovation. This effort is responsible for savings of more than $3.5 million year on year for the firm. Saurabh also started the data science enablement program, where he single-handedly trained hundreds of associates and leadership teams, across India and USA, on machine learning and data sciences using programming exercises and the case method. Saurabh was also the youngest associate ever to be selected for a global rotation program where he directly worked with top leadership executives and associates across several global locations on problems of directed record keeping. His performance at Fidelity Investments got him 4 promotions and 5 awards in 4 years.

After 4 years, Saurabh moved to Société Générale, a French multinational investment bank. At SG, he started as a lead data scientist and was responsible for setting up the, “Data Analysis Factory”, an engineering and data science wing for the Global Technology Solutions business in India. Saurabh led a team of 4 data engineers/analysts and several quality analysts and was responsible for 15+ projects across France, Europe, USA and India. Over one year, Saurabh implemented solutions for auto-ticket dispatching, proactive alerting, auto-healing and workload forecasting, which saved manual efforts of 10+ operations associates and mitigated failure risk.

Apart from work, Saurabh is extremely passionate about coffee. He likes to source, roast and brew artisanal coffee from various regions of the world. In his spare time, Saurabh likes to read and actively participates in Toastmasters.

He is excited to join the Wisconsin School of Business where he hopes to learn running an entire business and skills of technology product management.