MBA 2021 | Supply Chain Management


Amelia Kittson graduated from Washington State University in 2016 with a B.A in Business Administration, Marketing, and a B.A in Music. Upon graduation, she returned as Marketing Director to her family’s company, KIE Supply Corporation, a Pacific-Northwest based wholesale distributor of plumbing, irrigation, and electrical products. As a third-generation owner of KIE, Amelia’s key responsibilities were to focus on the implementation of innovative business practices and technologies, in order to best serve the company’s future customers and employees.

As Marketing Director, Amelia met and negotiated with over 330 vendors annually, resulting in various benefits including improved shipping programs, rebate structures, and co-operative funding agreements. In 2018, she took on several previously unidentified rebate opportunities, and was instrumental in contracting and reporting over $850,000 of specified data to various environmental rebate programs, increasing profitability by over $180,000.

In 2017 KIE Supply’s Board of Directors charged Amelia to lead the company through a change in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Amelia spent the next two years preparing KIE to transition their entire technological foundation, from the initial inquiry stages through a successful go live. As a part of the preparations for the change, she spearheaded the extensive cleanup, testing, and migration of 28 years of dirty data, resulting in the reduction of 10,000+ duplicate, inconsistent, or outdated master files. Additionally, she configured and provided continuous support for over 600 master settings and 250 security-driven access levels, resulting in organization-wide role-based access control. Amelia also spent extensive time establishing best practices through the creation and documentation of over 85 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), now used for the training and process standardization of over 100 employees, as well as the onboarding of all new hires.

When not working, Amelia enjoys traveling to new places, experimenting with cooking new dishes, and playing the viola in local symphonies. She is thrilled for the opportunity to earn her MBA at the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management. Amelia’s goal is to learn and grow, so that when she returns to KIE, she will be in the best possible position to successfully lead her company into the future.