MBA 2022 | Corporate Finance and Investment Banking


Aisha N. Hurston graduated from Robert Morris University with a B.B.A in Business Administration. After gaining experience in several administrative roles with increasing responsibility, she was accepted to and enrolled in Loyola University Chicago School of Law. While at Loyola, Aisha gained an advocacy certification and excelled in business law, negotiations and litigation courses. Upon graduation, she embarked upon a career in contract negation and advocacy with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, gaining valuable experience representing thousands of labor employees. Currently, Aisha is enrolled in the Corporate Finance and Investment Banking M.B.A. Specialization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business, with an anticipated graduation in Spring 2022. Aisha spends much of her time volunteering with women, abuse victims, persons with special needs and human trafficking victims. A published author, she works tirelessly in behalf of her community and the marginalized. Aisha is dedicated to her family and she enjoys spending time reading, traveling, trying new activities and laughing out loud. Fun fact: she once sang all the lyrics to five hours with of songs in a row. "