PhD Student | Management and Human Resources
5266 Grainger Hall


Sangyun Kim is a doctoral student at the Wisconsin School of Business. He studies strategies of organizations as information processing systems. His research interests include organizational learning, organizational search, entrepreneurial innovation, the complexity of organizational structure, A.I., and machine learning. He uses both empirical analyses and machine learning-powered computational modeling to explore research ideas.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Posen, H. & Keil, T. & Kim, S. & Meissner, F. (2018). Renewing Research on Problemistic Search – A Review and Research Agenda. Academy of Management Annals

Working Papers

Cao, Z. & Kim, S. (2018). Attributional Bias in Performance Feedback Evaluation

Chung, H. & Kim, S. (2018). Internal Labor Market and Knowledge Creation of the Firm


SMS Annual Conference (2018) Performance attribution ambiguity and organizational learning