PhD Student | Operations and Information Management
4284A Grainger Hall


Mohamad is a Ph.D. candidate in the Operations and Information Management Department at the Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
His research interests lie in the empirical analysis of service operations, with a focus on healthcare operations. In particular, he uses large-scale data sets to uncover latent interactions between healthcare policy makers, service providers, and patients in order to improve efficiency of services and quality of care.
Before joining Wisconsin School of Business, Mohamad was a research assistant at the Alberta School of Business. He graduated with a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Soltani, S. & Samorani, M. & Kolfal, B. (2019). Appointment Scheduling with Multiple Providers and Stochastic Service Times European Journal of Operational Research

Soltani, S. & Ingolfsson, A. & Zygun, D. & Stelfox, H. & Hartling, L. & Featherstone, R. & Opgenorth, D. & Bagshaw, S. (2015). Quality and Performance Measures of Strain on Intensive Care Capacity: A Protocol for a Systematic Review Systematic Reviews

Soltani, S. & Karimi, B. (2015). Cyclic Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Limited Buffers and Machine Eligibility Constraints The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Selected Submitted Journal Articles

Soltani, S. & Batt, R. & Bavafa, H. & Patterson, B. (2020). Does What Happens in the ED Stay in the ED? The Effects of Emergency Department Physician Workload on Post-ED Care Use

Batt, R. & Bavafa, H. & Soltani, S. (2020). Quality Improvement Spillovers: Evidence from the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program