Ph.D. Student | Accounting and Information Systems
4171 Grainger Hall


Benjamin earned his degree from the University of Bayreuth in Germany where he also worked as a student research assistant. Upon graduation, he gained professional experience in business development and strategy at Samsung Electronics in South Korea. Before joining UW Madison, Benjamin started his doctorate in International Business Taxation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. His research interests include tax avoidance of multinational corporations and tax incentives for research and development. Benjamin plans on completing both degrees by 2020.


Selected Submitted Journal Articles

Bornemann, T. & Laplante, S. & Osswald, B. (2018). The Effect of Intellectual Property Boxes on Innovative Activity and Effective Tax Rates Journal of Accounting and Economics


8th Conference on Current Research in Taxation (2018)

NTA's 110th Annual Conference on Taxation (2017)

2017 ATA Midyear Meeting (2017) Corporate Tax Avoidance and IP Boxes


Undergraduate Courses

Introductory Financial Accounting (AIS 100), Fall 2017.