PhD Student | Marketing
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Zoe Lu is a doctoral candidate at the Wisconsin School of Business, with a major in marketing and a minor in psychology. She has broad research interests, covering pricing, promotion, pro-social behavior, social media marketing, financial decision making, etc. Recently, she has been working on how photos on social media impact ownability of experiential products.

Zoe got her bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and master's degree in Business Administration in Shanghai, China. She joined the Ph.D program in 2014 Fall. Before that, she worked as a product manager in the telecommunication industry, optimizing both inbound and outbound marketing activities.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Lu, Y. & Hsee, C. (2019). Less Willing to Pay but More Willing to Buy: How the Elicitation Method Impacts the Valuation of a Promotion Journal of Behavioral Decision Making

Ruan, B. & Hsee, C. & Lu, Y. (2018). The Teasing Effect: An Underappreciated Benefit of Creating and Resolving an Uncertainty Journal of Marketing Research

Hsee, C. & Tu, Y. & Lu, Y. & Ruan, B. (2014). Approach Aversion: Negative Hedonic Reactions Toward Approaching Stimuli Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Hsee, C. & Zhang, J. & Lu, Y. & Xu, F. (2013). Unit Asking: A Method to Boost Donations and Beyond Psychological Science

Selected Submitted Journal Articles

Lu, Y. & Hsee, C. (2020). Short-Asking with Long-Entreating (SALE): A Simple Method to Increase Sales Journal of Marketing

Lu, Y. & Peck, J. (2019). It Can (Cannot) Be Mine: How a Person in a Photo Impacts the Viewer’s Evaluations of and Interest in an Experience Venue Journal of Consumer Research

Lu, Y. & Tanner, R. & Carlson, K. (2019). "That Money Feels Like Mine": How a Consumer-Funded Frame Increases Incentive Effectiveness Journal of Marketing Research

Working Papers

Lu, Y. (2019). The Promoted or the Non-promoted? How the Elicitation Method Reverses Preferences between Competing Products

Lu, Y. & Tanner, R. & Hsee, C. (2018). Loss Leads to Love: How Temporary Deprivation of Ownership Enhances Valuation

Lu, Y. & Tanner, R. & Polman, E. (2017). The Uneven Mix Effect


Undergraduate Courses

Marketing Management (MKT 300), Fall 2018.

Consumer Research and Analysis (CNS 201), Spring 2017.