PhD Student | Actuarial Science, Risk Management, and Insurance
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Vaibhav is a PhD candidate in Risk and Insurance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research interests include reinsurance and catastrophe risk financing.

He has more than nine years of work experience in financial services and risk management. His area of expertise includes financing and transfer of risk through structured finance products and insurance.
He was previously a Partner at IFMR Capital (now Northern Arc Capital), where he headed the Risk Analytics division and developed data-driven models to understand borrower behavior and measure portfolio risk. He was also pivotal in the development and subsequent risk management of structured finance products, such as securitization and pooled bond guarantees, across multiple asset classes including commercial vehicle, small business, affordable housing, and micro-finance. Prior to IFMR Capital, he was a Senior Consultant with Ernst & Young’s Financial Services Risk Management division in Dubai and Muscat.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Engineering Physics from IIT Bombay and an MBA from IIM Lucknow. He is also a certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM) from GARP, USA.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Anand, V. & Leverty, T. & Wunder, E. (2020). Paying for Expertise: The Effect of Experience on Reinsurance Demand Journal of Risk and Insurance


Undergraduate Courses

Business Analytics I (BUS 306), Fall 2017.

Business Analytics I (BUS 306), Fall 2016.

Business Analytics I (BUS 306), Spring 2017.

Business Analytics I (BUS 306), Spring 2018.