Ph.D. Student | Management and Human Resources
5268A Grainger Hall


Zhi Cao is a PhD student majoring in strategic management at Wisconsin School of Business. His main research interests include competition, organizational learning, dynamic capabilities, and entrepreneurship. He is very interested in the co-development of experience and organizational learning and their competitive advantage implication.


Selected Published Journal Articles

Cao, Z. & Li, Y. & Jayaram, J. & Liu, Y. & Lumineau, F. (2018). A meta-analysis of the exchange hazards–interfirm governance relationship: An informal institutions perspective Journal of International Business Studies

An, W. & Zhao, X. & Cao, Z. & Zhang, J. & Liu, H. (2018). How bricolage drives corporate entrepreneurship: The roles of opportunity identification and learning orientation Journal of Product Innovation Management

Cao, Z. & Posen, H. (2015). Pre-Entry Experience, Post-Entry Organizational Learning, and New Entrants' Performance Academy of Management Proceedings

Cao, Z. & Lumineau, F. (2015). Revisiting the interplay between contractual and relational governance: A qualitative and meta-analytic investigation Journal of Operations Management

Selected Submitted Journal Articles

Cao, Z. & Posen, H. (2019). How Does Pre-Entry Experience Enhance Entrant Performance? Evidence From Learning Curves of New Banks? Organization Science

Cao, Z. & Posen, H. (2018). When does the Pre-Entry Experience of New Ventures Improve New Venture Performance?: A Meta-Analytical Investigation of Critical Moderators.

Working Papers

Cao, Z. & Kim, S. (2018). Attributional Bias in Performance Feedback Evaluation


Academy of Management 2017 (2017) Competitive Strength and Patenting Strategies.

Midwest Strategy Meeting 2017 (2017)


Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Management (MHR 322), Summer 2017.

Students gain knowledge about foundations of entrepreneurship,and key topics such as founding teams,industry analysis assessing concept,communication,managing people and investors in new ventures. Business development project included.

Managing Organizations (MHR 300), Summer 2018.